19 August 2014

My Verdict on Vichy - Liftactiv Serum 10 - Idealia Life Serum & Thermal Spa Water

If you are a regular visitor to my blog and read my product reviews you will know that I rarely test products over the twenty euro mark. The reason for this is very simple. I always budget myself when it comes to shopping for skincare and make-up. I try to find a more affordable option and If I'm not willing to spend money on a certain product I wouldn't expect my readers too either. 

Today I'm going to give you my verdict on three products from Vichy and tell you wether or not they are worth purchasing. 

Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 for Eyes and Lashes 15ml €27.00
Suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types this product claims to give an instant illuminating and lifting effect to eyes and fortify lashes. It's innovative formula is paraben free, hypoallergenic and contains Vichy thermal spa water to sooth and fortify. To use you simply place a small drop to your fingertip, close your eyes and apply by gently patting onto your eye area from the inner to the outer corner of the eye. Lastly sweep any left over product on your fingertips to your eye lashes.

I found the Liftactive Serum light and refreshing on my eyes. I expected it to feel heavy or sticky but it wasn't. It instantly made my eyes feel lifted, just like it promised. I was so surprised to be honest with you. I was sceptical from the very beginning. I wasn't too fond of the price for just 15ml of product but you really only need a small drop and it lasted a good few weeks using it twice a day. I noticed a significant difference in dark under eye circles and was delighted to see my lashes appearing fuller and getting stronger. 

Vichy Idealia Life Serum 30ml €38.50
This is the first serum to ever make it into my daily skincare routine. It's designed to address dull grey complexion,  uneven skin tone, dark shadows, enlarged pores, oily and dry patches. Was Idealia Life Serum the solution to my tired dull looking skin or was it all too good to be true? 

I used this product every single morning until I could no longer draw any product from the top of the bottle and had to remove the pump to scrape what little product was left from it! Another pleasant surprise, I absolutely loved this product. After a few weeks I noticed a major reduction in fine lines on my forehead. I couldn't believe it. I even looked at older photos to make sure I wasn't just kidding myself into believing that one product could make such a difference in such a short amount of time. My pores also appeared reduced and I had a nice healthy glow to my skin. I loved how much Idealia Life Serum felt on my skin so much that I didn't even wan't to apply make-up afterwards.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water 150ml €9.99
Another product first to grace it's presence into my skincare regime. I had never tried a water spray before and to be honest thought it was a bit of an unnecessary product. The Vichy Thermal Spa Water can be used all over to boost hydration. Filtered through volcanic layers, Vichy Thermal Spa Water is naturally enriched with 15 mineral salts and 13 trace elements to calm skin and build up it's resistance. 

Although I did enjoy using this product during the summer months I didn't find myself reaching for it everyday. I found it great for providing instant relief from the heat, adding moisture to my dry skin. 

I would highly recommend the Liftactive serum 10 and Idelia Life Serum to anyone looking to improve dark under eye circles and dull, tired looking skin. I would gladly forget about my skincare budget and fork out for these products by Vichy. I loved using them everyday and seeing the results in my skin the longer I used them. As for the Thermal Spa Water, I think it is a good product and very affordable for the amount of product it contains. However it did not find a permanent place in my skincare regime. There's only so many products I can put on there ya'll! 

Let me know that you think of these products in the comments below. Maybe in the future I'll stop talking myself out of buying certain products just because of the price because I was really happy with the results.


12 August 2014

Travalo - A Must Have Product

Wish you could bring your favourite perfume with you on the go but can't because it's too bulky for your handbag? Well I can safely say we are onto a winner here with the Travalo. This product has been on the market for four years and I can understand why they have sold over ten million of these babies so far.

This is the Classic Excel Black Travalo with silver nozzel and black case and costs €14.99. It's nifty refill system allows you to bring your favourite perfume with you wherever you go and perfect for travelling abroad in your hand luggage. Also perfect for popping into your clutch for that night out on the town. You simply remove the spray nozzle from you fragrance bottle, place your Travalo on the stem and pump to fill. The atomizer has a tiny pressure sealed hole on the bottom. It takes seconds. It's tough, leak proof and comes in ten different colours.

It holds enough for sixty five sprays and the window on the side allows you to see how much you have left. An aluminium version with a dot pattern is also available in Boots and costs €17.99. 

If you decide to fill with a different fragrance just clean your Travalo by filling it with water from a travel spray bottle, you can buy them from most pharmacies. Spray the water out and you are good to go. If you're really minted you could just purchase a Travalo in a range of colours and have one for each fragrance. I'll just stick with this one for now!


11 August 2014

Elle MacPherson - Instant Nail Wraps Or Instant Nail Fail?!

I bought these Elle MacPherson Instant Nail Wraps in Argos a few months ago. They seem to be unavailable on their website now but you can purchase them from Elle MacPherson's website for a whopping £9.99. They are available in pink, gold and silver and the kit includes a nail file.

I've tried many different brands of nail wraps/stickers but no matter how hard I try to like them they never sit well with me. Their major selling point is that unlike using nail polish there is no drying, peeling, chipping, smudging or chemicals involved. This is all very true but there is no denying the fact the wraps I have applied for this review look god damn awful. I've tried time and time again to apply them leaving no creases and have failed. After removing the excess wrap with the file the tips look far from professional. There is best result tips involving a hair dryer but ain't nobody got time for that! The kit includes 48 wraps to suit all nail sizes including your toes. Ew!

The price annoys me slightly as I don't think they are worth that much in any way shape or form. But noting annoys me more than the one hundred percent photoshopped picture on her website showing what the nail wraps should look like on. The picture doesn't even show the correct nail design, just a plain pink nail!

"Perfect nails, minimum fuss" it says on the packaging. Sorry, just being honest here but I found them fussy and far from perfect! Now I sound like a right grumpy sod! 

If you have tried these or a similar brand before please let me know in the comments below how you got on. 


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