11 May 2015

Baby Wipes Uncovered - Real Mums get Real Honest about Award Winning Wipes

I took to my Facebook and Instagram pages recently to ask my readers their opinions on different baby wipe brands used by thousands of parents on a daily basis here in Ireland. I never thought I would get the response that I did and thought it would be a good idea to share some of those comments with you here on my blog.

I myself have been stocking up on baby products in preparation for the arrival of my baby girl who is currently two days over due, little madam! I have also received baby products from family and friends. I'm just so overwhelmed with the amount of products available and of course want to use only the best, this is why I asked for your opinion and was delighted with the feed back I received from my readers.

Readers comments on Johnsons Baby Gentle Cleansing baby wipes - €2.99 (Boots) €1.50 (Supervalue) for a pack of 56 wipes. 

"Johnsons are like acid" - Stephanie
"I used Johnsons on lil ones bum got so irritated by them I stopped using" - Jasminda
"Never touch Johnsons" - Vi
"Johnsons and Pampers have horrible scents" - Corrina 
"Stay away from Johnsons altogether for new babas. All their stuff is so heavily scented and have never heard a good word about them. We got so much Johnsons stuff and if your bab is any way sensitive at all it can reek havoc" - Sharon 

I have to say I was taken aback by the comments above. Johnson's claim to provide gentle cleansing care from top to toe. Their wipes contain the famous No More Tears moisturising baby lotion which is made of 97% water so in theory they should be mild and gentle but it appears my mammy readers do not agree. 

Readers comments on Mamia Sensitive Fragrance Free baby wipes - 95c (Aldi) for a pack of 64 wipes.

"I used to use Johnsons but prefer Aldi wipes now" - Emma
"Aldi wipes and nappies are incredible and super value too" - Stephanie
"When I was pregnant I bought the Aldi ones when they were on offer and literally had enough for six months and he's never had as much as a spot on his bum" - Denis
"Aldi are ok but you need a lot of wipes for one nappy change" - Jasminda
"Aldi are really rough" - Michelle
"Not the Aldi ones hun, they are too rough for your babies bum" - Nina

Mixed reviews on the Mamia sensitive baby wipes from Aldi. They contain aloe vera and chamomile to help keep babies skin soft and smooth but you never know how your little ones skin will react to ingredients like this no matter how nice they sound. If they are suitable for your little babies skin then you have to agree they are pretty fantastic value for money at 95 cent a pack. 

Readers comments on Water Wipes, Chemical Free - €2.99 (Boots) for a pack of 60 wipes

"Water wipes are brill, highly recommend" - Lorna
"Water Wipes are great but very expensive" - Jasminda 
"I tried Water Wipes they were great but just too expensive as we use at least a bag a day" - Corrina
"I use Water Wipes or Huggies Pure depending what's on special offer" - Anita
"Used Water Wipes for the first few months and then switched to Tesco brand, mainly for price reasons" - Kathy

Water Wipes contain 99.9% water and 0.1% Fruit Extract (citrus grandis seed) so I can see why they claim to be the worlds purest baby wipes on their packaging. At €2.99 a pack I can see were my readers are coming from on the price. Unlike Johnsons babies wipes you rarely see Water Wipes on special offer and with babies needing changing almost ten times a day you really are going to fly through wipes. 

I know you are not allowed to use baby wipes in hospital and it is recommended using just cotton wool and water at first. I also know that there are other wipes such as Huggies, Pampers and Lidl brand available so at the moment I do not know which ones I will end up using. After my mammy readers comments I am not too keen on the idea of using Johnsons baby wipes. I have about six packs bought already and will use them for general cleaning around my home so they don't go to waste. I will have to see what baby girls skin will be suitable for when the time comes. After reading all your comments Water Wipes seem to be the clear favourite even though they are the most expensive. 

Thank you all for your feedback, if you have yet to share your favourite baby wipes I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments section. 



  1. Great post Sarah and very informative. I brought water wipes into hospital when I had the twins and not a word was said - those first poos are really messy, a cotton ball isn't going to fix it! I was gifted a few bits including some great big cotton squares - Irish Breeze make them, they're big cotton squares and seemed to hold up a lot better than cotton balls. But in fairness no nurse is going to have time to stand and watch you changing your baby, do what you feel comfortable with and best of luck xx

  2. Definitely water wipes the nurses in hospital just after I had Oscar recommended them and that's all we've used ever since!

  3. Mamia and Lidl wipes are the best I've found!
    Tesco are dry and thin.
    The other brands like johnson & johnson or waterwipes are good too but when you go through a half dozen packs it's very expensive

  4. Oh and yeah don't mind that you have to use water and cotton wool....you don't. They really don't clean up them sticky first poo's well at all.Maybe big cotton squares/ovals would be another option if you really don't want to use wipes x

  5. I actually was disappointed by the water wipes and although I was wary of johnsons, I found them alright. Mind you, I'm still using cotton and water and only wipes occasionally and my baby is 16 wks old. Cotton and water is not that messy or unpractical as people think and my girl just had a tiny rash once!! Good luck! Xx

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