31 May 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I hope everyone is have a FAB week :D Last week the lovely Rebecca from We own the sky Awarded me the “stylish Blogger Award” and Nancy from sincerely-mimi awarded me the “Blogger award 2011”. Thank you very much ladies, I was so delighted. At the moment I’m not a series blogger and I plan on putting more effort in when I’m finished my course. Anywho By receiving this award I have to name 7 facts about  myself.

  1. 1.       I only get my hair professionally cut about once a year, I dye it myself.
  2. 2.       I love second hand stores, even if I have no money I like to take a gander and I enjoy markets! Antique kind, not  VCR’s or pirate DVD markets!!  
  3. 3.       I asked my friend for help with this, her reply on facts about me – Super tall! I am 5ft 9 so I suppose you could call me tall! I never wear heels during the day unless i’m at an event!
  4. 4.       I love anything mint, shampoo, lipgloss, facewash you name it!
  5. 5.       I’m also a sucker for anything that smells/taste like apples (I drink bulmers too!) Fell in love with apple flavoured mentos in Paris 2003 wish they sold them here in Ireland!
  6. 6.       My favorite colour when it comes to make-up is Purple but when it comes to everyday things my favorite colour is electric blue!
  7. 7.       I moved to the UK when I was 19, two weeks after I got my leaving cert results. I  studied, worked and broke hearts there until I moved back to Ireland four years later!

Now I’m going to pass this awesome award onto seven other wonderful blogers :D 

fitznbitz is a stunning Irish Blogger, her name is laura and her blog is amazing. She goes into so much detail and always has really great photos too. She recently blogged about a dramatic change in hairstyle which is great I think more women should do their own hair at home! 

ellybellybaybee is another blogger I have recently come across, I really admire bloggers who take great pride in their blogs and Ellis really does! You can tell straight away when reading her blogs that she really enjoys doing them. Shes only 18 too, You go girl!! 

If you love a bargain you MUST check out Stephanies Blog secret-penguin, She regularly updates her followers on sales/weekly deals for CVS, Ulta, Rite Aid, Walgreens, .EL.F, smashbox and Hautelook. You can save a serious amount from following this chick! Stephanie is from New York and defiantly is the best bargain shopper I know.

If you love painting your nails as much as I do check out  beautyshades, she is an nail polish addict and isn’t afraid to shout it out loud! She post pictures of nail designs, very beautiful ones too! 

Representing the UK! Lyndsey has a fabulous Blog My Chicesque, shes has great taste which can be seen clearly in the photos she post on her blog.  Reading her blogs you feel like you are right by her side as she wonders around House of fraser!  Check her out.

Lorraine, another lovely from Ireland, her blog sunnysunnylipglossandcat never fails to make me laugh. Her blog encouraged me to be myself when it came to writing blogs, not to worry about what other people might say about what I write. She blogs about everything beauty to Music. Very enjoyable, funny, honest reviews guaranteed! 

Laurens blog gottaloveatrier really wowed me when I stumbled across it recently! She really puts A LOT of effort into it. Especially her face of the day, eye looks! The photos are brilliant. Shes only 23 and finds that terrifying she says, im 25 this August so I know how you feel haha missus! Not only is she stunning but she has the brains to boot! Very clear Outfits of the day, Great blog for the professional woman and all beauty lovers out there.

Please check out these lovely Bloggers and thank you again Nancy and Rebecca for giving me those awards.

Lots of love, 
Sarah xxx


  1. awwwww~ you're welcome!! you deserve it!!~ ^^

  2. Ah thanks a mil Sarah!! Apple mentos!!? HELLO!!!!

  3. Thank you! Will def check out other blogs! xx

  4. Thank you for the award is gorgeous:)

  5. :D

    I pass on my question duties :P


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