12 January 2014

Bubble White - Whitens, Brightens and Cleans Nails in Minutes

Bubble white claims to get your nails looking whiter and brighter in just five minutes. Looking at the ingredients it doesn't look like job baking soda and a bit of water couldn't sort out. In saying that you don't see people making their own home beauty remedies everyday otherwise there wouldn't be millions spent on beauty products every year so I thought I would try this out for review. 

It's very simple to use. You simply pour the contents into a container of warm water and leave your fingers to soaks for five minutes. Wash your hands after and you are done. You can use it on your toe nails too. It contains menthol which leaves a minty waft in the air while you are sitting, waiting to blind yourself with your new whiter nails. 

Well not so much. This product did have my nails looking and feeling cleaner but not a huge difference with making them looking whiter and brighter. It is a good soak for your cuticles to keep them moisturised but again noting soaking your nails in water alone wouldn't sort out. 

I picked it up in Sally's for less than €3 and enjoyed trying it. Not too disappointed with the results but will stick to home made remedies.

Before picture taken with Canon and after taken with iphone, sorry for difference in lighting. Bad blogger!



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