18 December 2012

Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan Review - Before & After photos

I'm so excited to review this product for you today. I have to admit I have never been big on tanning. You name a tanning brand and I've tried it with no luck in finding the right one for me. Until now...

Cocoa Brown is a revolutionary new tan that has exploded onto the Irish market. Apart from its affordable price of just €7.99 for 150ml and it's gorgeous pink packaging the major plus for this product is the fact that it's a one hour tan. You can apply this to your skin, leave it on for just one hour and be left with an all over natural tan. You can leave it on for a maximum of three hours if you are looking to achieve a deeper tan. It won't develop any future after three hours....so in other words it's pretty fool proof. No more tangoed teenagers, AMEN! It's called Cocoa Brown because that's what this product will deliver. A nice natural brown tan. 

Marissa has gone above and beyond to bring us Irish girls this almost too good to be true product. The ingredients contain hi tech accelerating agents which start working the moment the mouse touches your skin. The revolutionary ingredients speed up the absorption and development of the tan which allows you to wash it off after just one hour. 

I thought this product couldn't get any better until I experienced another WOW moment after using it. I was not at all expecting the sweet smell of Tahitian Gardinia. I never thought I would see the day when I would actually like the scent of a self tan but I love the smell of Cocoa Brown. 

Unlike other brands I have tried this won't have you looking like a Character from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, it won't leave you with streaks, it won't stain your bed clothes and it won't leave you broke.

I know I have been in situations where I was going on a night out and was in a fluster because I had no time to apply tan and ended up covering up with tights and cardigans to hide my pale skin!! Having a tan that develops in such a short time is going to make going out a lot easier for women from now on.


Sorry about the lighting, this is the cocoa brown tan after I had it on for 3 hours. Taken without a flash.

I found Cocoa tan very easy to apply using the Self tan applicator mitt. The mitt will prevent your hands from staining and is re-usable. It is machine washable but I find it quicker just to hand wash straight after using it. 

Cocoa Brown is available nationwide and you can find out more information on their Facebook page and stay up to date on all their latest news over on twitter.

I'm so excited about this product I want you to try it out too. Win yourself a bottle of Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan and an applicator mitt just in time for New Years by following the rafflecoptor widget below.

Good Luck,

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  1. The deep tan looks great on you. Cocoa brown is truly a revolutionary product. Even I would use it, and I'm not a tan person!

    1. I said the same thing, now I can just whip it on before I go out and feel a little bit more comfortable in my skin. :D

  2. Great pin's Sarah! I still haven't tried it but I'm thinking I might give it a go tomorrow!

    1. Thanks lovely, I'm looking forward to trying out the new tan :D

  3. The tan turned out great on you! x

    1. I cant believe how much I love it, I don't usually wear tan but I wear Cocoa Brown :D


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