16 October 2013

Review of the Hair Flair Curlformers and Softhood

Today I'm excited to tell you about Hair Flair Curlformers, curling spirals that claim to result in perfect curls everytime and Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood which is a hair dryer attachment.

Firstly I tried out the Curlformers styling kit. There are a number of different size curling spirals available online. I tested out the 24 extra-wide and long hair curling spirals for barrel curls.You get two different coloured spirals in the styling kit. Each colour go a different direction so you achieve a more natural overal finished result. Just like if you where to curl your hair with a wand or a pair of hair straighteners you would alternate directions.

I found them very easy to apply to my hair. It's really very simple, taking only four steps and the kit comes with easy to read instructions. It took me about 10 minutes to section my hair and apply all the curling spirals.
 The Extra-wide and long hair curling spiral kit which includes two hooks for application cost €60.95. The kit comes in a PVA holdall bag which is handy for storage and if you want to take them on your travels.
There are two different methods you could use after applying your curling spirals. Leave them to dry naturally or apply heat.

Applying heat
Hair Flair sell a Deluxe softhood hair dryer attachment for €15.50 which can be placed over your head and attached to your own hair dryer. On a low heat your curls could be ready to rock and roll in minutes. I found the softhood very easy to use. There's a drawstring on the side so it can fit all head shapes and sizes! It also has a chin strap to keep the softhood securely in place. My own hair dryer nozzle fitted onto the tube perfectly. After five minutes I removed the hood and allowed my hair to cool down before I removed the curling spirals.

Natural drying
There are two different natural drying processes! The first would be if you were to apply the spirals in the morning and go about your business (indoors!!) until you hair was dry. The other is to apply at night and sleep in them! Now the first one sounds way more appealing but I tried these out for the first time at night and decided to give sleeping in them a go. The aren't uncomfortable to wear in your hair for a long period of time and I did a test to see how well they would hold up. Yes, I hoped around my house like a bunny rabbit and they didn't budge! Sleeping in them was fine it just took a few minutes for me to place them on my pillow in such a way that the back of my head was flat and not rest on any spirals.

I definitely would recommend purchasing the softhood along with the curlformers as it would save on time. It also comes with a handy little carry bag which you can fold your softhood up and place into.

I really liked the curls I achieved in my hair from using the Hair Flair curlformers. I think curlformers would be a great option for anyone who has trouble curling their hair using curling wands or hair straighteners. I also used very little hair spray and my curls lasted all day.

As far as price is concerned I think you are getting a great product for your money. It's not like a pair of hair straighteners that could break at any given time, curling spirals will last forever as that never lose their shape, they just spring back into position. There are different versions of curling spirals on Ebay and I have tried them before. They aren't as good quality and they didn't come in carry bags, just a cheap flimsy box that arrived from China broken. I'm very happy with the quality and packaging of these Hair Flair products. From the comments on instagram and twitter you gals really liked how the curls turned out too.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I got on, let me know what you think of Curlformers in the comments below. 


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  1. They sound great and your curls looked fab! I'd be really tempted to try them.

  2. YOUR HAIR LOOKS AMAZINGGGGG! I need to try these stat!

  3. Replies
    1. They are great I didn't use the soft hood this morning, just ran the hair dryer over them. They didn't last as long but looked natural. Also need to buy hair spray, I keep forgetting!


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