29 December 2014

Mum to Be Monday #3 - 21 weeks pregnancy update

Time for an update ladies! 

How far along? 21 weeks plus 2 days! Half way there ladies...whoop whoop!
Total weight gain: None, according to my GP I've lost weight. I am eating...all the time! 
Maternity clothes? Not yet but I did receive a "hands off my bump" T-shirt from one of the girls in work. Bump is still too small to fill it though! I wore it shopping the other day and got some evils from heavenly pregnant women!! I've just been buying bigger clothes to be honest. I checked out the on-line maternity clothes sales and I have to say the options available are not in anyway shape of form cute.  
Stretch marks? None but I haven't been gaining weight and I've been lathering myself in lotions and potions daily.
Sleep: Currently waking up in the middle of the night for toilet breaks but apart from that sleep is good, getting at least 7-8 hours a night. Can only seem to nod off while sleeping on my left side.
Best moment this week? Purchasing baby bumps future wheels. We could not resist the Cosatto Giggle Oh la la! Travel set. We must have walked away from it at least five times and kept going back over to look at it again. We practised clicking the car seat out and popping on the carrycot more times than and I can remember but finally decided that baby girl would love it as much as us! Fingers crossed with the pushchair we will get three years out of it! 
Miss anything? I miss being able to swan off to the pub for a drink but I have to say I enjoyed my Non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiris at my Christmas works party and only got charged €2.70 for a Mr Slushy...winning!  
Movement: YESS! I finally began to feel flutters of movement from bump. I have to say the last two weeks people kept asking me...they're curious I know but every time I said no I felt a little sad about it! Have to stop comparing myself to other peoples experiences. 
Food cravings: None and I have noticed I can't eat as much as I usual would be able too! It kills me to wake away from a plate with left overs!  
Symptoms: I was suffering with sciatica in my left leg but after spending the Christmas season with my feet up it has eased off. I woke up last week during the night and couldn't get back to my bed the pain was so bad. I just have to rest and not stand for too long. 
Gender: Girl.
Mood: Mostly relaxed apart from emotional drives on icy roads. Icy roads + car slides = crying pregnant lady. I've certainly been taking it easy cheesy since I found out I was carrying a small human inside me. 
Looking forward to: Watching bump get bigger and finally getting some bump pictures taken for my baby book. 

That's it for this week, if there is anything you want to know ask away...forever on facebook and twitter

Sarah and bump


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