11 November 2012

Buy Irish Day 4: Planet Purple Kids

I don't know about you but I personally love doing arts and crafts with children. I think introducing kids to the joys of being creative is one of the best gift you can give them, so when I came across Planet Purple I was delighted to discover that they make handmade Eco friendly kits for children aged 6-12 years to create their very own pencil cases, felt bags, note books and much much more. 

Planet Purple Funky Flower Bag Kit for ages 8 years+ €18

The Planet Purple kits come beautifully presented and the box can also be re-used for storage which I love. Everything needed comes in the kit, even scissors which is great because I know every time I go looking for ours they are nowhere to be found. Does that ever happen to you?! The Planet Purple kits will also provide a basic introduction to pattern cutting, stitching, sewing, gluing and beading.

The Funky Flower bag kits includes: Felt, scissors, sharp needles, pins, thread, buttons, non-toxic glue, glue spreader, sequins, satin ribbon and the instructions. All very good quality, they really have made an effort sourcing their materials.

Your child might need help with the instructions, which is an added bones I think because getting involved in activities your child will only increase their love for arts and crafts. I also think this would be a great activity for grandparents to do with their grandchildren.

Say goodbye to loud battery operated toys, expensive computer games and say hello to happy, fun memories.

I nearly forgot to tell you Planet Purple is a family run business based in Terenure, Co Dublin. Make sure you  check out their website www.planetpurplekids.com and Facebook  page. They will also be taking part in the Caribbean Christmas  pop up shop in Dublin from Thursday 15th to 18th of November. 


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  1. Love this! My youngest cousin is a boy with a really low attention spam but I will definitely pass on the website to my cousins who have kids x


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