05 January 2013

New Year, New Me - Waxpert's Experience

I've seen quiet a few quotes circulating around Facebook, Twitter and Instagram lately all telling me how to proceed with living my life and how to be the most happiest person there ever was. One that stood out to me was "Change begins within". 

All through Christmas and running up to the new year I banged on about this new wonderful diet I was going to start come the 1st day of the year. Losing weight was my main resolution for 2013. No sweets, no crisps, no bread, no bloomin' cakes! I was on the quest for super slim and sexy. Well cutting a long story short, after having cake three days in a row and the proof being sprawled all over my Facebook page in pure deliciousness I failed my diet plans altogether.

I do agree that change begins within, to see real results you have to change your lifestyle and treat your body like a temple but I have decided that for the time being change will begin on the outside. I do love my curves so instead of beating myself up about certain problem areas I'm going to make the best of what I've got.

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing post's titled "New Year, New Me". Each post will be on a different treatments such as teeth whitening, hair treatments, tanning, facial treatments and today's first instalment on my experience at Waxperts in Dun Laoghaire.

Using the expression "starting off on a clean slate" I wanted to start off with a smooth body! I've always wanted to get into a routine of getting waxing treatments done. Being hair free for longer would be an absolute dream. I hate the problems that follow after shaving and I've tried at home waxing kits with no luck.

Last year I got too see the Waxpert ladies in action at the Pro-Beauty show in the RDS. I watched on as women casually went up to get treatments done on front of an the general public walking by. How brave! I also listened in as they explained how Waxperts Hot Wax was specifically made for sensitive skin and removes even the toughest hairs. I have to be honest, as I listened all I heard in my own heard was "ouch, ouch...ooouch"

It wasn't until I read a review by mag's on Emerald Eyeliner that I plucked up the courage to get in touch with Waxperts. There are salons around Ireland that use Waxperts Wax but I wanted to go to the Waxperts salon where they concentrate on full body waxing. Like I said I wanted to start my new me journey off smooth so I booked in for Side of face, Underarm, Full leg wax and The Brazilian. You are probably thinking I must be mad but I want to get into a routine so I won't have to shave or use horrible hair removal creams so often.

Now I have to say I was very embarrassed before going in for my appointment. I was instructed by Ellen the owner not to shave two weeks before my appointment and If I'm being honest it had already been an age since I had done so before I made my appointment so I was uber Chewbacca. I had gotten over this embarrassment after I convinced myself they must have seen worse. I just kept telling myself that! Then the night before to my horror my period came. First thing I thought was I had to cancel my appointment, then suddenly realised I still  looked like Chewbacca so I rushed onto their website. I went onto their FAQ'S and was a little relived to see that you don't need to cancel your appointment you just need to wear a tampon. I was still a little hesitant though, the poor girl who has to wax me. How could I do that to anybody. I then did what you should never do and went onto google to ask the Internet world what others have done. Big mistake, horror stories upon horror stories! Again I just convinced myself they must have seen it all before.

When I walked into Waxperts I didn't feel like I was going into a waxing salon. Swanky mirrors, pretty wallpaper and lush chaise lounge chairs. Now I knew what they meant on their website when they say luxurious boudoir style salon. I also received a friendly welcome once I walked in from Natasha who was also going to be the lady doing my treatments.

We started off with the face waxing treatment and then worked our way down!. A small amount of the wax was applied each time instead of covering a large area, the same went for the underarm and the brazilian. The wax dried so quickly it felt exactly like candle wax drying on my skin and when it was pulled off it literally only hurt for a split second. There is obviously going to be some discomfort when you are pulling sections of hair from the root but I was so surprised at how bearable it was. Talking really helped to take my mind off that split second so I am very thankful to have had such a lovely waxing expert. Waxperts do not double dip so you can be assured of hygiene, you think these days it would be common sense but I have been in salons that have not taken this very important step on board. Time actually flew by while I was getting my treatments done. I was a bit taken aback when I left to discover I had been in for two hours! Natasha was very professional and really put my mind at ease during all the treatments. As for the wax, AMAZING!

For my legs Natasha used Waxperts strip wax which covered larger areas and took no time at all as she did my legs the same time she was doing my Brazilian. As the Waxperts wax was drying on my bikini line she was applying the strips on my legs so everything was happening swiftly. The only part of the treatment I felt the need to let out a few "oh gods" was the calf's on my legs, I think its because the strip was taking off more hair and this is where I have the toughest hair because I shave my legs so often.

I just can't get over how much I worked myself up before the appointment. I thought there was going to be tears! I had all these crazy thoughts in my head. Will the wax expert laugh or scream at my hairy legs, what if the wax catches onto the tampon string and it comes flying out, what if I start crying and she can only do one leg! Instead it was such a treat, I left feeling absolutely delighted with myself!

I would definitely recommend trying out Waxperts wax and if you have never tried professional waxing before just go for it. You have noting to lose. I'm actually looking forward to my next treatment, I'm a bit mad but in all seriousness I can't wait. I want to say thank you to Ellen for her pre-appointment advice and banter on twitter and to Natasha for being so professional and friendly.

To book a consultation or an appointment you can call Waxperts on 01 214 0757 or you can email them (They are super friendly!) at info@waxperts.ie. For a list of salons that stock Waxperts wax click here.

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my posts. 

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