29 January 2012

January Favourites

I bought this Bourjois shadow set on Beautyemporium.ie for very little. I think its perfect for beginners with its set by set instructions to help guide you.

I am loving virgin by Urban Decay in the Naked palette. I have been applying it on my brow bone to highlight it.

A great black chunky pencil by Fearne. I have blogged about these pencils Here before. I am really love using this on my lash line because its so chunky it takes seconds to apply and doesnt leave my eyes watering like other eyeliners.

Really fun lashes, great shape and quality.

I have used this on my skin EVER SINGLE day this month. I love it. It doesnt give full coverage but because ive been taking care of my skin this month it leave a nice finish and Im confident its enough coverage for me.

Another product I have been using every single day this month is the NYC blushable creme stick in big apple blush. I received this for christmas and I am so glad I did. Once I find it in the shops i'm going to stock up.

Great for getting every single lash and leaves them looking long and luscious.

A fun product to use, I have blogged about this Here

After trying the LUSH lip scrub in mint I had to get my hands on another one. This one is delicious (though your not suppose to eat it!) Leaves my lips feeling lovely and soft.

In this photo I am wearing the Bourjois eye shadow set, virgin shadow on brow bone, Fearne chunky eye pencil, eyelashes by just lashes, NYC blush and the Barry M lipstick.

There you go ladies, my January favourites. Have you tried any of these products? If not you really should. The are all inexpensive and worth the try I think.

14 January 2012

Online shopping haul

 I found myself online this morning five days after pay day and decided to treat myself. I mentioned before that  I wanted to update my wardrobe in my new years resolutions so here we go...

From A|wear.ie

Total = €80.50

From Boohoo.com

Total = €60.00

Do you like what I got? I cannot wait to receive them in the post next week. 

Barry M - Touch of Magic - Lip Paint

I received this Barry M lipstick in a swap I did with Liv91 on Youtube. I have to say I was a little lost. I had heard of it before but never seen it in person. I knew it wasn't green when applied so the only way to find out what it would look like was to try it out.

It reminds me of those fake lipsticks I use to have in plastic make-up sets as a little girl.

I had swatched it on my hands when I got it but didn't try it on my lips until the following week. I noticed the swatch took a good day to fully wash off. I also had a bit of advice from Nina Reviews to be careful when applying because of its staining power. I didn't want to have wonky lips so I applied it REALLY carefully!

Before & After

I like the colour it achieved it and it lasted all day. The Barry M website claims "A waterproof formula with added Aloe Vera stays on for up to 8 hours. Depending on the alkali level of your lips, determines just how pale or rich the colour will go." It was a lovely bright shade I must say. I hadn't planned going out the day I tried it and after I applied it I had to go visit my boyfriends family. I looked a bit funny because I had also tried out the green Fearne eye pencil which I reviewed Here so together I looked a tad odd! I think his family know I'm a bit special anyway so its all good! 

08 January 2012


I cannot believe it. After months of talking about it with the lovely girls I am going with. Giggling about late girlie nights and t-shirts advertising our YouTube channels I am actually going to IMATS.

 I have booked my IMATS ticket for the 4th of February and I have booked my flights. Three whole days and nights in London. I cannot wait. And if it couldn't get any more exciting I am going to be spending my little adventure with some of the best ladies on YouTube. We are spending the weekend in a hostel close to the event, ten of us. That's ALOT of make-up! I have already started packing and know what I'll be wearing haha Pretty much everything I just bought in the sales (sales haul uploading now).

The two main stalls I want to go to are INGLOT and Sleek. I have only ever owned one INGLOT shadow but I have saved up to get my first palette so that will be very exciting. I am also looking forward to getting my mitts on some sleek. There will be time on Sunday to go to superdrug and get sleek there but they might not have what I want so not taking the risk.


I will leave some links to ladies I know who will be going and some who are hoping to go.

There has been so much excitment and a few people saying they wanted to go im not exactly sure on half the people who are eventually going to go but I know Matilda and Becky will be there for sure!


Home made Yorkshire Puddings

I know Yorkshire puddings aren't the most famous addition to an Irish Sunday roast but a four year stint over in the UK as a student has me craving them every now and again now that I'm back home. Not many people realise that they are so easy to make, so here we go!

You will need
  • 4 eggs
  • Milk
  • All purpose flour
  • lard/butter
  • A pinch of salt
Set your oven to its highest temperature. Crack your four eggs into a jug and then measure out the exact same amount of milk to eggs. Place in Blender with your salt and blend until smooth. Leave for 10 minutes. Measure out your flour to the same amount of eggs and milk. Sieve into blender and again blend until smooth. No lumps allowed.

Eggs - Milk - Flour

Eggs, Milk and salt

Sieve in flour

Blend till smooth.

Leave for min 30 minutes somewhere cool but not in the fridge. With the rest of the food cooking the kitchen was roastin so I left mine in the sitting room on the fireplace it was a little chilly in there today!

Place a small cube of lard into your tin and place into your VERY HOT oven. Don't let the lard burn to the tin. After you have let your batter to rest for over 30min mix 2 table spoons of cold water into it and them pour your batter into your tins 1/4 way. You will know your Yorkshires are ready when they have risen and turned a golden brown colour.


We had our yorkshires with carrots, broccoli, green beans, corn on the cob, roast potatoes and roast chicken and a lovely gravy. SO FULL! 


07 January 2012

Outfit Of The Day

I am wearing

Cardigan from Monsoon, was €99 reduced to €49
Grey tunic from some shop in New York.
Penneys tights, could do with thicker ones.
Black suede boots from some shop in Navan.
Green scarf given to me by my mam who got it off my brother who found it in his house. Nobody claimed it. Washed and Mine.

04 January 2012

Home Improvments

Myself and Shane got a few jobs done around the house over the Christmas holidays. Is it just me or is Christmas television getting worse every year? I had asked Santa for a fancy coat rack for Christmas but he told me to "fuck off, there is no room for one" so I had to think of an alternative solution to the pile of coats on the stairs. I didn't take long and soon enough we made our way to Homebase to look for some hooks. See below what we did.



I am a happy bunny. The pile of coats aren't going to fall off the stair rail every time we go to get our coats and it has also worked out well for hiding the little door that leads to a million wires under the stairs which make it possible for me to write this blog today.

Let's get spicy

We have been getting into our spices alot lately. The little spice rack I decorated a few months ago can no longer house our collection so we also picked up some larger ones and Shane even tried his hand at decoupaging! He did a great job and it only took him a whole night. I finished mine in under an hour. Just saying.

Someone likes Paprika. ALOT.

This weekend I am planning on dragging himself to a few D.I.Y shops. Would love to get the hallway and kitchen painted before the end of the month and we need curtains for the sitting room. Wish us luck!

02 January 2012

Fearne Chunky Eye Pencils

I bought these for myself over the Christmas holidays as part of the 3 for 2 gift range in boots. Price: FREE!

In order from top to bottom: Black, Bronze, Charcoal, nude and Peacock.

So far I have only used three of these colours and I am really happy with them. The pencils are great quality and I find them really easy to apply. Fearne said she finds chunky pencils easier to apply and I have to agree with her. The are also really good for blending. I blended out the shade peacock as an experiment and came to the conclusion it was best left as a liner and not blended out for me but if I had darker skin it would have looked lovely.


01 January 2012

Don't always listen to the "experts"

My experience with Murads Exfoiliating Cleanser.

I went to get my eyebrows done a few months back (forgot to blog about this, better late than never!) and the lady mentioned my forehead looking like shit. She didn't say it in those words but that's what she meant. I personally didn't see the problem. She pointed out some bumps lying underneath my skin and asked me what I was using and I told her I was using Neutrogenas daily facial scrub in the mornings. She recommended using Murads Exfoiliating Cleanser, saying it would clear up my "problem" in no time at all. I'm sure it had noting to do with the price tag being €45. I know what your thinking but it was my birthday and I had some birthday money so I said why the hell not. I did make sure to ask her could I use to to replace my daily facial scrub and she said yes.

After a week this is what happened to my skin. 

Because of the price tag I thought this stuff must be pretty strong so I made sure only to use a pea sized amount for my face. After a week I thought this is not right and contacted my brainy friends (who from here on in I will refer to as "The Twins") who know everything about everything and told them about my experience. One gasped and I'm pretty sure the other one called me a retard, she's affectionate like that! They explained the ingredients of the product to me and that I should only be using it twice a week if that. I should have went with my gut instinct when I seen the price tag and left it on the shelf but the lady freaked me out. I left with fabulous eyebrows but convinced my skin looked awful. 

Since then I have been good and my skin has cleared up alot. I have also been using good moisturisers such as Neutrogena Multi-Defence daily Moisturiser and Oilatum Natural Repair face cream and drinking lots of water. My skin has improved greatly.

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