10 February 2013

Tangro - Keep Sheets Tan Free

I came across Tangro back in November last year on my hunt for Irish businesses for the Love Irish, Buy Irish series here on the aul blog! Based in Kerry, Tangro produce what is essentially a onesie you put on after you have applied your false tan. It does what is says on the packaging and keeps your sheets tan free. It's called a protective tanning jumpsuit, comes in pink and black and currently costs €14.99 with free postage and packaging (Was €24.99).

Iv'e been using mine since December to apply my Cocoa Brown tan and it has worked a treat. I apply my tan, pop on my Tangro and proceed to saunter around the house getting some house work done! Afterwards I just pop it into the wash basket to be cleaned for the next use. It was designed in mind for leave on overnight tans so you wouldn't destroy your bed clothes. I don't use any tans like that because the cocoa brown tan can be applied and washed off after 3 hours but I can imagine it being very useful to have so you don't stain your pyjamas or your bed clothes.

It comes in two sizes, small/medium to fit sizes 6-12 and medium/large to fit sizes 14-20. I was a little nervous before it arrived because I am a size 16-18 depending on the item of clothing itself and I was worried that it might be a little snug on me. I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on for the first time. It had plenty of room and good stretch. I also fell in love with the SUPER soft and cosy cotton material! I got mine in black just encase you are wondering!

Would you use the Tangro? If you love your false tan I would highly recommend getting this product while it's so affordable. For more information check out their website at www.tangro.ie and follow them on their Facebook page.

Warning: Product may cause sniggering and pointing from other members of your household!


08 February 2013


Hi lovelies, I hope you are all well.

It's that time of year again, dun dun duuuuun! Valentines day is fast approaching! I know many of you dread this public holiday, some anticipate how their loved ones will shower them with affection and others panic because they have no idea what to get the person they love. And then there are the singletons which just get annoyed at the thought of Valentines day.

Lets forget about all that for now! How about you treat yourself this year and show YOU how much you love yourself...it's not selfish, honest! 

Pixy have you sorted this year for pampering with a lovely selection of soaps, lotions and potions. 

First up is the Sensual Bath Oil €9.99 for 100ml. This Bath oil contains sweet almond oil and waterlilly fragrance so it will have your skin feeling and smelling great. I love that it contains just a touch of glitter, every bath should! A little goes a long way, just shake it up and pour two teaspoons in with your bath. The packaging is lovely, I know I'll be re-using it for something else as soon as it's empty. 

Next up is the Honeysuckle Soap €5.95 for 60g. It's so pretty it's almost wrong to use it! That's what treating yourself is all about, doing/using something you wouldn't normally have the time or chance to. This soap is such a treat. It also contains nourishing ingredients to keep your skin feeling and looking great. Cocoa butter and Macadamia oil are two of my favourite ingredients when it comes to showing my skin how much I care for it!

Both the Sensual bath oil and the Honeysuckle soap are suitable for all skin types and are perfect if you suffer from dry skin. You can check out the rest of their Valentines beauty gifts and gifts sets on their website HERE. I have my eyes on the Lime body scrub hearts, they look so cute and sound great for the quick showers.

How do you feel about Valentines day? Am I putting my foot in it for asking! I do enjoy when brands go out of their way to bring us something new and fun. Thank you Pixy!

Lots of Love,

04 February 2013

Bubble's Bowtique

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited to announce that my online store Bubble's Bowtique has just gone live!!

If you follow me on any on-line social media website you may know that I've been going bow mad lately! I've taken to knitting like mad, on the bus, in the car, at friends houses...any chance I can get basically.

Currently in my store I am selling hair bows and hair bands and in the near future I will be adding broaches and cute shoe clips to the mix. I will be updating the store on a weekly basis so if you would like to stay up to day head on over and like the Bubble's Bowtique Facebook page.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has shown support and encouraged me while I've been setting up my craft shop, it means a lot to me. I really enjoy creating things and knowing other people like what I create makes my day. Thank you.

I will be taking part in a craft market on the 3rd of March in the Little Green in Dublin which I am looking forward to SO MUCH! I will keep you all updated closer to the date.

Check out my online handmade craft store HERE. Free shipping on all orders over €25 with code FREESHIP25.

Lots of love,

01 February 2013

Sigma Dry'n Shape Review

What make-up brushes do you use? What's your favourite make-up brush? These are the questions I hear all the time at blogger meet-ups or from chatting to other bloggers on-line. I have way too many make-up brushes and I love them all, there I said it! I'm no make-up artist so it is a bit ridiculous that I have an unnecessary amount of brushes. I have my favourites and I have ones I regret buying and I can safely say I will not be buying another make-up brush for a very long time. The conversation of how I clean my brushes and what do I use usually follows after and I have to admit I use to love washing my brushes, I'm no Monica Geller but I found the process almost therapeutic.

When my collection grew my enthusiasm for washing my brushes quickly faded! Instead of washing my brushes regularly I worked my way through each brush before washing them all and taking over each surface of the bathroom. I had my eye on the Sigma Dry'n Shape for over a year now and I was over the moon when I got my paws on one at Christmas from my boyfriend. I have a feeling he wasn't fond sharing the bathroom with a tonne of make-up brushes!

The Dry'n Shape system holds twelve brushes and is like a brush roll that folds over and fastens using snap buttons which makes it just about perfect for travelling and is also made from synthetic material making it easy to wipe clean. It was designed by Sigma as the name says to dry and shape your brushes but in a lot less time that it would normally take if you where to just lay them out to dry on a towel.

Sigma are trying to patent the material that holds the bristles of your brushes while they dry. The fabric applies pressure to the bristles to remove water from every fibre allowing it to evaporate during the drying process and amazingly has your brushes dry in four to six hours.

I'm not going to go over the top and say that this product has changed my life but It has certainly changed the way I look after my brushes and has encouraged me to wash them regularly and sometimes even straight after I have applied my make-up. 

I have been using it for over a month now to dry various brands of brushes. It is excellent for prolonging the shape of my brushes and has encouraged me to clean my brushes more often. As a result of them being dry so quickly, I find it very convenient that I can apply my make-up in the morning and after washing them and leaving them in the Dry'n Shape I can use them again in the evening.

I only have two negatives to say about this product. This isn't a big issue but for larger brushes like the Sigma F80 or the bdellium tools 957 drying time for those particular brushes is about 6-8 hours because they are so thick it takes longer for the inner bristles to dry. My second comment about the Dry'n Shape is that smaller compartments for the likes of blending brushes could do with being a little smaller as I find the brushes do not sit as snug as the larger ones. 

With the negatives out of the way I just want to say I love this product. I have heard of a few people in Europe having problems with customs when ordering from the American Sigma website so I want to take the time to let you know there is a website in Europe that stock Sigma and you can get the Dry'n Shape on their website too. I was not paid or sponsored by any company or brand to tell you this I just think it's really great and I will be getting another Dry'n Shape as soon as I can afford it! 

Is the Dry'n Shape something you would consider using? If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me in the comments below.

Click on the links below to check out the Sigma Dry'n Shape


My Dry'n Shape proudly sitting on my shelf doing what it does best!

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