31 December 2011

Gold wearable New Years Make-up

I used

1.Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in Sin
2. Urban Decay shadowa in Half Baked and Darkhorse
3.Fearne eye pencil in Bronze
4. MUA Mascara in shade 4 (brown)
5. Clarins Mascara in Browm - I like to use this as the wand is amazing!
6. Laura Mercier lipstick in Brown Sugar
7. Mini Bourjois cream Blush no.4

30 December 2011

Christmas 2011 & Thank YOU

So Christmas is coming to an end. I have to say this has been the best Christmas so far. I didn't drink much this year so I can remember more compared to other years! I really enjoyed getting the tree and decorating the house.

Epic fail putting the Christmas tree in the kitchen this year but at least we can say we tried it! Next year...smaller tree!

My Crimbo jamies :D

Primark €4 bargain.

Bling given to me by my little brother.


These guys are fab. Great for hugs and make very comfortable pillows!

Alfie and Skittles had visitors. 

I want to say a special thank you to everyone who sent me lovely letters, cards and gifts over the holidays. I can't believe all the love and support I have received over the last year. I really am thankful to call you all my friends even though we have yet to meet. I am in contact with my friends on Youtube, blogger and twitter more than my own family, and I love it! Thank you all for making 2011 the best year for me. I cannot wait to see what 2012 will bring but I hope everyone has an amazing new year.


Sarah xxx

10 December 2011

Versace Yellow Diamond

First of all the packaging is fabulous. It isn't a bottle that I would carry around in my handbag but it would look divine on anyone's dressing table at home. The fragrance itself is not one I would usually wear but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The longer I wear it the more I like it. It started off with quite a fruity scent which is what I usually go for and then after a while it faded to a nice delicate warm fragrance. 

This would be a really nice autumn/winter fragrance for me but for spring/summer I would be looking for something with more of a fruity factor. It is the kind of scent you would only smell on a person as you got close to them which is nice as sometimes you don't want a perfume that is too over powering. Overall I do like it and I can see myself wearing it over the Christmas season quite a bit.

03 December 2011

Christmas O.P.I WINNER

Congratulations to the winner and thank you to everyone who entered.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Sarah x

26 November 2011

Little Sins Eyeshadow Primer Potion Set - URBAN DECAY

One of my favourite things about going abroad on holidays is being able to shop in the Duty Free. Unfortunately I haven't been abroad in ages and I won't be for a while. The next best thing is having family members who work in the airport! My boyfriend got this lovely Urban Decay Little sins eyehadow primer potion set for me the other day for the bargain price of €11. An email was sent around about duty free stock the airport was trying to get rid of and I was quick to reply BUY BUY BUY! They also had 9 Urban Decay naked palettes for €19.50 but they had already been nabbed! 

I have already tried the original primer potion and wasn't overly impressed. However Sin has been on my eyelids for the past two days, I really like it. I wore it with Urban Decay Oil Slick in the crease of my eye and the primer on its own in the corner and it looked great. Today I just wore Sin on its own and it looked really pretty. I'm looking forward to trying Greed and Eden when blended out looks like it will be a good primer under shadow but I wouldn't wear it on its own like Sin and Greed.

Thank you Shane xxx

20 November 2011

Vamp Date Night!

I recently went to see Breaking Dawn and thought I would vamp up my look for the occasion.

Both these products are pretty ancient, I "borrowed" them off my mam over a year ago and god only knows how long she has had them! You can tell from the Bourjois pencil it hasn't been looked after very well.

Swatches: on the left Lacome 383 Caprice De Soie and on the right Bourjois Paris eyeliner pencil in 06 Violet Artiste, who said you can't use eye-liner as lip liner aye!

I got a few people asking me what lipstick it was so I thought this post would be helpful.

19 November 2011

I Lost my LUSH virginity!

I have always wanted to buy something from LUSH. Iv'e been in many times with friends but found it all too overwhelming and never purchased anything but today I said to myself I will go to LUSH and buy myself something. There is A product iv'e seen a few ladies on YouTube mention and that is the lip scrub and I wanted try it out. So with some idea of what I wanted and my wallet I went on my merry way.

This is what I got....

Mint Julips lip scrub €6.75 for 20g. I picked this scrub purely because of the name. I love anything minty! I was a little taken a back by the price and I almost didn't get it but I said NO....YOU WANT IT GET IT! After taking it home and trying it out I am happy I listened to the bossy inner me. It smells lovely and my lips feel softer after the first use.

Christmas Eve Bubble bar €3.70. I bought this bar because it claims to relax and aid sleep with jasmine and ylang ylang and also it looks nice! 

Cinders Bath Ballistics €2.45. I was told this was a Christmas favourite with customers so I was intrigued to try it out. It has orange and cinnamon oils that wrap your body in a warm hug...seemingly! 

I cannot wait to try out these products over the next few days. Something tells me it wont be too long till I go back to LUSH!

M.A.C Ruby Woo

I really like it, its matte so I feel like it will stay on all day and not slide off my lips in seconds like other brands I have tried.

My first (and wont be the last) M.A.C lipstick. I bought this in the Dundrum store yesterday for €17.50. I usually wouldn't spend that much on a lipstick but I still have money left over for my Christmas shopping and that's the main thing.


18 November 2011

Cleaning Binge!

For all you neat freaks out there, THIS is what a mess looks like. My attempt to ignore it and hide it all away in the wardrobe wasn't working any more. I could here it calling me..."clean me"..."sort me out ya dirty biatch". I decided enough was enough, I headed out to Homebase last night and bought two 4 tower storage boxes at €23 each.

Organised heaven! Below I have all my felt, fabrics, crafty tools and equipment. I also picked up all my Montessori notes and material this week from college and there they are waiting for me to open them and plan my lessons for next week!

Do you have any messy creatures hiding in your wardrobes?!

iWHITE Teeth Whitening

Look at the state of that!! I have to say its pretty embarrassing, I thought I had really good oral hygiene but looking at this photo makes me cringe! Its been nearly two years since I have stopped smoking, I dont drink coffee or red wine and I brush three times daily and occasionally floss when we have any!

I received the iWhite o2 professional to review and thank god I did!

It comes with the dual arch mouth tray and 14 foam whitening strips. It was very easy to use just 20mins every day for a week. I will link a demonstration video below. But first here are the results....

PING* Hello! I am delighted with the results! I would highly recommend this product at only €29.95 in all leading pharmacys around Ireland if you are planning on going to any event where photos will be taken.

15 November 2011

O.P.I Christmas Spirit Giveaway!!

I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to Christmas! I already have my hello kitty, Cars - Lightening Mc Queen and fancy wrapping paper. I am also shamed to admit I have also started writing out my Christmas cards....yes its offical I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I went to the post office today to collect a GAZILLION stamps for my cards today and seen this lovely little mini O.P.I set in the local pharmacy. I thought why not share my Christmas spirit with everyone else and not just my boyfriend who thinks i'm mental!

Seriously though check out this wrapping paper I couldn't resist....

3 for 2 at Tesco


To get your hands on this lovely set of mini O.P.I nail Lacquer all you have to do is...
 1. Be a follower of my blog and 
2. comment below telling me when you think is the earliest acceptable time to mail Christmas cards!!!

Good Luck everyone xxx

For an extra Entry you can share this giveaway with your friends by tweeting "Iv'e just entered @adoreabubbles Christmas Spirit O.P.I Giveaway here http://adoreabubbles.blogspot.com/2011/11/opi-christmas-spirit-giveaway.html "

Note: I'll be picking the winner on the 1st of December

13 November 2011

Graduation Make-up

I had planned on getting my make-up done by a professional but on the day I was unable to make my appointment so I did it myself. I seen this look on Youtube with purple on the crease and an almost nude lid. I used Urban Decay flash and Make Up Academy shade 9 - pearl. 

Foundation: Lancome Teint Idole
Concealer: Lasting Perfection by collection 2000
Powder:  L'Oreal Paris true match
Blush: Benefit - Coralista
Lips: Maybelline New York - cutie pie
Liner: liquid liner by collection 2000
Lashes: A14 from www.kkcenterhk.com

10 November 2011

Graduation Outfit

I will be graduating this Saturday and have left it till the last minute to get my act together! Last week I found my dress and this week everything else is falling into place. After dragging my mother around Blanchardstown shopping centre and my boyfriend around Dundrum shopping centre I finally found my dress in a little village called Gorey in Co Wexford. Ruby Rouge is the name of the shop. I liked their facebook page a while ago and was delighted to be getting the chance to check out their store. I found this beauty....

Brand: Save the Queen. Cost: too much to admit.

 I also got my nails done. Tried out Shelac for the first time and absolutely LOVE IT! I will be going back in two weeks to get a new colour. I am not allowed wear nail varnish at work but we are allowed gel nails and shelac so I am delighted. My nails have been bare for the past two months until now. Nails cost €35 but I do know somewhere that only chargers €20 so I will go back there next time.

 I am not a big fan of having my arms out. Legs and a bit of boobage I do not mind to a certain extent but my arms are a no no! I picked up this lovely shrug in Monsoon. It cost €70 but I will wear it alot over Christmas to parties and its really soft...stop looking at me like that!!!

I am hopeless when it comes to finding shoes. I can never find my size in a pair I like. I settled for these court shoes with bow detail. There was another pair but the heel was killer and I have visions of me falling on my ass when I go to get my cert so I thought these would be safer. They cost €55 and I bought €3 paddy thingys to stop the back of my foot from slipping out.

All I needed then was a pair of tights that wouldn't rip while trying to get them on and a good bra! All set now! Thanks to the lovely @PrettyObsessed I am going to get my make-up done at Inglot on the day. I cannot wait. She gave me a voucher that entitles you to a free make-up appointment. I will put up a post of the full outfit of the day next week. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Oh and I'm off all next week...ner ner!

07 November 2011

Storage advice please!

My current storage

I am fed up with storing my nail polish this way, in a draw never seeing the light of day. I hardly ever paint my nails anymore, partly due to work but I also think I forget I even own any nail varnish sometimes. I want to display them, have them out to encourage me to use them.


The first is a Polish rack table display holds 60 bottles and costs $27.50 from an American website. I had clicked to buy and was all ready to shell out when the other half stopped me. He went on about custom tax and how I might have to pay more to claim the package than the item itself. I do not like the sound of that!

Second option is this Pink nail vanish storage from ebay which can stand like in the picture shown or be wall mounted and costs €31.44 plus €5 delivery.

I have in the past decorated an old spice rack and it looked pretty cool and would have made a fab nail polish holder, if I only had eight bottles but I have more than that! It really was pretty but now its back in the kitchen, check it out HERE

So which would you choose? I know the wall mount would be handy. Neat and out of the way but I am really drawn to the table step display apart from the possible custom tax hassle.

22 October 2011

Best Dressed - Colour Day - Ed Hardy palette.

On Friday we had a theme day at work. And that was colour day! I went a bit mad! I wore purple skinny jeans (I feel weird saying that when they were a size 18!) A yellow long long sleeved top and a short sleeved green, orange and purple top over that. All from Penneys. The lady in the fitting room actually muttered outloud "oh my god" when she was counting how many items I had. I think I blinded her!

On my face I did my eyebrows pink and purple. One eyelid pink and blue and the other gold and purple and on my lips I wore a bright coral lipstick. I love this wig, it cost me €10 but I will use it again over hallowe'en no doubt!

For my efforts 16 women out of 20 at work voted me best dressed and I won this lovely Ed Hardy colour make-up box. It comes with eye shadows, lip colours, bronzer, solid perfume and brushes, AND LIGHTS!

Looking forward to trying these out. I didn't even know Ed Hardy did make-up. I once bought a dress in New York in Macy's by Ed Hardy but I never ended up wearing out and sold it on ebay!!

I asked the kids in work who I looked like, my favourite response was "a bouncy castle"
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