31 July 2012

Beauty/Fashion enthusiasts will love Parcel Motel

I received an email from my boyfriend Shane yesterday with the Subject 'Parcel Motel'. I was intrigued even though he is known to send me numerous links throughout the day, sharing is caring! In this case he found a gem. I have yet to use this service but I wanted to share it with you.

I know how annoying it can be when you found a website with unbeatable prices and amazing things you feel your life would be incomplete without. Then only to get to the checkout and discover they DO NOT deliver to Ireland.

How it works

Parcel Motel is a whole new way to manage your online shopping deliveries.  Each Parcel Motel contains 80 secure lockers of varying sizes. They are all located in convenient places in Ireland such as petrol station forecourts with 24-hour access 7 days a week. To find out where your nearest one is click here.
No more waiting around or missed delivery notices telling you to pick up your parcel during the exact same hours that you’re at work. And no more worrying about memos from your boss on the subject of receiving personal deliveries at work!
Now you can have your parcels sent directly to your nearest Parcel Motel ready for collection, at a time that suits you, and for only €3.50 per stay.
Basically when you sign up you are given an address, this is the address you give the websites you are buying from. Parcel Motel receives your package and then sends it to the nearest Parcel Motel locker to you. Another great thing about this service is most UK websites offer Free deliver which you are still eligible for because you are giving them an English address. This means all you have to pay for is the Service which costs as little as €3.50.
I am not being paid to write this article, I just think its an amazing concept that I never knew existed. I am more excited to find out that there is a Parcel Motel locker near me. I recently looked into getting a P.O box and it turns out they aren't cheap...pretty expensive actually. This would be a perfect alternative for me.

29 July 2012


I mentioned the new Lush Emotional Brilliance range on my blog recently HERE but this weekend at the Dublin Blogger Meet up I actually had the exciting opportunity to have my colour reading done and then I tried out the new range for myself.

After lots of giggles about trying my best not to cheat and pick my favourite colours I closed my eyes and let the colour wheel turn. I opened my eyes and quickly picked the first three colours that 'spoke' to me! I ended up with Calm (eye liner), Lifted (cream shadow) and Feeling secure (eye liner). These three words are suppose to represent my life at the time. It depends on how you want to look at it but I was happy with my reading.

Calm actually came out in a good few of the other bloggers readings too. I'm glad everyone was in a calm mood on the day!!! It is a stunning colour. It reminds me of the colour of the sea at tropical destinations and the sea is something I associate with feeling calm. I swatched it on my hand and it didn't budge for the whole day even after I washed my hands. I also tried it on my eyes today. I applied it to my lids at 12:30pm and checked them nine hours later and it was still going strong. It fully faded after 12 hours. I have to say I am VERY impressed.

A brilliant range full of out of this world wonderful bright colours which I can't wait to try. As with all Lush products this product is against animal testing, suitable for vegans and handmade with fresh ingredients. I absolutely love it so I say it wont be long until its all gone.

Their eye liners, lipsticks and eye shadows all cost €17.95. I was very lucky to receive this product as part of the blogger meet up visit to Lush. While there I bought the Seanik Shampoo bar and shampoo bar tin. I have heard so many bloggers rave about the shampoo bars that I could not leave without buying one. Seanik  was recommended to me by one of the Lush ladies because I have dry scalp and it contains Seaweed which is great for combating dry skin and leaving hair felling soft and shiney. I can't wait to try it out. Would you be interested in a review? 

I also have a review on the Lush Eyes Right Mascara coming soon.


Glossy Box Beauty July 2012

What treats did the July GlossyBox bring me?

Bex London
Londoner Urban Fragrance
Modern fragrance inspired by the unique character and idiosyncrasies of London.
My Thoughts: It's not a scent I would purchase for myself. It doesn't have any girlie, fruity qualities to it. Frankly it reminds me of a musky air freshener my granddad use to have in his car.
Boyfriends Thoughts: "Smells like church"

Calming Cream
A green tinted cream that works by neutralising the redness often noticed on the cheeks and chin area.
My Thoughts: I was worried about the green tint making me look like the Incredible hulk but I was pleasantly surprised as I blended it in it became unnoticeable. It has a nice smell that I would often associate with facial creams. I noticed an immediate difference when I applied it to the redness on my cheeks.

Apply this dry oil to your face, body and hair all year round.
My Thoughts: I have not had a chance to try this product out yet. I am loving my oil products lately so I will update as soon as I have tried it.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics
Lip Frosting - Irish cream Pavlova
A multifunctional cream gloss. Use on lips for a tint of colour or cheeks for a luminous glow.
My Thoughts: I LOVED the smell of this as soon as I opened the lid. As a lip product it is sticky but if you don't apply too much it can add a nice touch of colour. I would use this more on my cheeks, again use only a little for a nice pink glow.

Awapuhi (Pardon!) Wild Ginger
Texturizing Sea Spray
A surf inspired spray that adds texture and body to any locks.
 My Thoughts: Not tested on animals, always a major plus. Great product for the summer time, easy going  purposely messy hair look. I can't pull off that look unfortunately because my hair is so short but it has an 18 month life span so I will get to use it once my hair grows out. Oh, it smells nice!


Elizabeth Adren's Visable difference gentle hydrating line.
Cleanser, optimizing skin serum and gentle hydrating cream SPF 15 samples.

I have to say none of these products have a wow factor for me but the box as a whole this month I am happy with. Apart from the perfume I would use everything else in the box. 

What did you get in your glossy box?

If you would like to sign up to glossybox you can HERE


25 July 2012

Winner: Summer Family Giveaway

Hi girls,

I don't know about you but this Irish weather is driving me up the wall. Sweltering heat one day and rain pouring from the heavens the next. I thought I was going to be out of a job during the week with fear of the kids actually melting.

The wet and hot sunny weather we have been experiencing has created the perfect breeding ground for insects. Add bare skin to the equation and this usually leads to one thing and that's insect bites.

Anthisan cream provides fast relief from insect bites, stings and nettle rash. Perfect for those mini Indiana Jones's running off into fields only to come back an hour later with bite marks all over themselves. I spent many summers doing this. Worst feeling in the world not being able to itch those bites I tell you! Using an anti-histamine cream will relieve pain, sooth itching (big winner for me) and Reduce inflammation.

I have teamed up with Anthisan who are giving away one Meran 4-Dome Family tent. Perfect for family camping trips (The back garden camping trips are the best kind) and festival goers this summer.  

To enter follow the instructions below and watch out for those pesky insects!! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck and enjoy the rest of your summer.


21 July 2012

New York Colour Lip Stains

From left to right: Orange on the go, Persistent Pink, Unstoppable Red and Berry Long time.

I was recently sent these NYC Smooch Proof  16H Lip Stains to review for you. I have already mentioned Orange to go on my blog and you can read about it Here

Swatches: Persistent Pink and Unstoppable Red look very similar when swatched and Berry long time stands out the most for me. A lovely deep plum shade. 

I love the pen application of these lip stains, never has applying a lip product been so easy and mess free. My friend asked me had I applied foundation around my lips to give the illusion of a flawless application, that's how cool these pens are. I like how the colour of the packaging reflects the colour of the product. All of the products come wrapped in clear plastic so you know it hasn't been used before buying which is great. I hate not know if someone has always used a product and put it back on the shelf in the store.

Staying power:
 Packaging suggests 16H but I can't go more than three hours without eating. Colour stays on fine until my hunger kicks in and then I have to reapply afterwards. The product itself is water based so you don't feel like your even wearing anything on your lips.

A great variety of colours for all types, moods and occasions. I find the colour to be matte when applied on its own and I like a nice shine. Almost like gloss without having to actually use gloss. I can't stand the gloopy feeling of lip glosses for some reason. I use a touch of Vaseline over these to give me my desired look. 

NYC Lip stains retail at €3.99 and you can check out their Facebook page HERE from more updates on exciting new products this Summer.


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19 July 2012

LUSH - Emotional Brilliance Colour Range

If you are a fan of Lush you will be very excited to hear that this Saturday on the 21st of July Lush will be launching their new colour range.

This new range is less about wearing make-up that's on trend or in season but more about make-up that is designed for YOU.
The brand new concept is about matching your psychological needs to what colour cosmetics you should be wearing, at any moment. 

How it works:  Lush believe in the power of suggestion, if you believe in it you will then start to behave a certain way. You spin the wheel and choose the three colours that stand out to you the most. These three colours will then be placed in the middle of the wheel in the order you picked them in. Your first colour choice symbolises your strength OR weakness, your second choice represents your subconscious mind and your third choice is your talent.

I'm not sure how I would get on with a concept like this. I usually see something I like, check the price and if I can afford it I buy it! Simple as. I do love to try new things so I cannot wait to get into Lush next weekend at the #DublinBloggerMeet.

The new range of colours come in Liquid Lipstick, Liquid eyeliner and Cream eyeshadows. There are 30 products in the Emotional Brilliance range and all are vegan.

Cream Eyeshadows €17.95 each 5g (6 different shades)
Contains almond and jojoba oils, glycerine, cupuacu butter and a rose petal infusion.

Liquid Eyeliner €17.95 each 5g (11 different shades)
Contains a herb with ancient tradition of use for the eyes.

Liquid Lips €17.95 each 5g (13 different shades)
Contains organic jojoba oil, condelilla wax and rose wax.

Saving the planet
All the products come in clear glass bottles which makes it easy to see the amazing colours and also makes it recyclable. The cap can be returned to your nearest lush store where they will return it to their supplier to make new caps or more black pots. The wands inside the bottles cannot be recycled but can be washed and re-used for your own needs.

I have yet to see these products in person so I can not comment on their quality. I am drawn to the Liquid liner but I would have to see the wand first. I think that will be the big decider when it comes to the Liquid Liners popularity. If the wand is not right I won't be interested. The colours of the Liquid lips look amazing. I have shelled out over €17 for a lipstick before so these might be a new love. 

What do you think? Are you excited about this new colour range?

Check out my review on their eyeliner HERE


18 July 2012

#DublinBloggerMeet Update

Hi Girls,

I hope everyone is have a nice week, I'm counting down the days till the weekend, the following weekend and the days to the following weekend after that! I love having plans for the weekend, something to look forward too and the next few weekends are going to be exciting.

The #DublinBloggerMeet is still going ahead on the 28th of July. I am still waiting on numbers to book a place where we can sit down and have some tasty treats and get our chat on! The last meet up I attended we went to a restaurant and had a three course meal, it was amazing and I really enjoyed it but I didn't get to chat to the women on the other side of the table all that much so I think it would be nice to go somewhere like a coffee house. That way we can push our tables together and take over the joint. Iv'e had some great suggestions but can't book anything until I have numbers confirmed.

Lovely Bloggers/Youtubers who have confirmed so far:

Paula: http://randomramblingsandmusings.wordpress.com/
Emma: http://themakeupbuff.blogspot.ie/
Rosie: http://rosesandrockets.blogspot.ie/
Dee: http://dee-lightfulthoughts.blogspot.ie/
Charlene: http://www.youtube.com/user/SmokeyEyeSurprise?feature=watch
Donna: http://notjustontheinside.blogspot.ie/
Alycia:  http://www.youtube.com/user/Makemeblush416/videos
Alice: http://www.youtube.com/user/PinkGlitter10
Joanne: http://www.jimmilou.com/
Eimear: http://www.youtube.com/user/xDEimearByrne
Cheryl: http://secondlastsong.blogspot.ie/
Ellie: http://miss-eblog.blogspot.ie/
Sarah: http://alittlebitof-love.blogspot.ie/
Robyn: http://robynrantsandraves.com/
Marian: http://www.highlifeofmars.blogspot.ie/
Hannah: http://abullettothehead.blogspot.ie/
Claire: http://clurr92.blogspot.ie/

Others have said they might be able to go but I can't include you in the numbers until you confirm. If you are interested in joining us please comment below and email me your details adoreabubbles@hotmail.com before the 23rd. That's when I'll be making the booking.

You can find all details about the meet HERE

I look forward to seeing everyone there, can't wait to meet you all.


12 July 2012

Cinema Cosmetics - LA Splash - Kett Cosmetics

This week I had the wonderful opportunity of being introduced to some exciting make-up ranges from  Cinema Secrets, Kett Cosmetics and LA Splash.  

Cinema Secrets is a professional make-up brand that not only caters for the entertainment business but also for the general public. The brand was founded by Maurice Stein back in 1985 and primarily catered for special effects and costume make-up. Now make-up artist all over the world are using Cinema Secrets.
One of their most famous products is their make-up brush cleaner. I got to see this product in action and boy is it good. All you need is a little drop and it goes a long way. No messing around with surgical spirits or shampoo, Cinema Secrets professional brush cleaner removes 99.9% of all bacteria. It works with all types of brush hairs, dries fast, leaves no oily residue and has a lovely vanilla scent. I also love that it comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for at home and on the go. 
You can purchase their brush cleaner on the Cinema Secrets website. Prices: 2oz €9.40 4oz €14.09 8oz €26.10 and the largest size 32oz €45.19.

I have some other exciting products to show you but I will save them for another post as this one is going to be picture heavy as it is.

I am very excited to tell you about the new make-up range to hit Ireland and that is LA Splash. The moment I seen the display table I was transfixed like I don't know what. 
I swatched this amazing nail polish and I have to tell you I was very impressed with the quality. That is only one coat in the photo above. This 10ml bottle will retail at €4.99 and they have another range of glitter polishes retailing at €5.99.
This is just one coat from their glitter range, clearly not as pigmented. It would look better with another coat and I like the way there is some colour to it compared to other brands that just have glitter. 

This is Enchanted Forest, one of their Smokey eye collection kits. It comes with everything needed to create that perfect smokey look. It even comes with step by step instructions, simples! 

I tweeted about these nail art glitters and got a great response. And I'm not surprised because I had to hold back from sheer excitement and jumping up and down when I saw them. No joke. 

This is Trickery and will retail at €5.49. These pictures do not do this product justice. It's so amazing I want to marry it! In work tomorrow we are having a fairytale princess fancy dress party and I cannot wait to strut into the classroom with my nails glittered up. The girls are going to be so jealous...yeah, I know they are only three and I'm 25!

Another quality pigmented product from LA Splash, their precision eye liner pen. Retails €8.57. A great product to have if your a fan of the cat eye/winged liner look. 

Also at the event I got to experience Kett, a high definition air-brush make-up brand. To be honest I have never been interested in air-brush make-up. I have seen the results and think it is wonderful but personally would never be able to afford the equipment and wouldn't use it to its full advantage. I swatched these Steel Your Face Liquid Metals which can be used in the air brush system and also without. I loved the colour payout.

So there you have it girls, I am so impressed with the products I got to play with. As I said before I will have another post to follow this with a more in-depth review on Cinema Secret products. I hope you enjoyed reading about these make-up ranges. Have you heard of them before and would you be interested in trying them out. Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you to Oona and Paul who held the event, they where a pleasure to meet. Head on over to their Cinema Secrets Facebook page and let them know you heard about them here on Adoerabubbles blog.


You can check out and purchase any Cinema Secrets product on their website: www.cinemasecrets.ie. LA Splash is not yet in stores but will be very soon and I will update you when it is. 

11 July 2012

Catrice Limited Edition Revoltaire Collection

First up I have Colour Bomb powder blush for €3.99. I fell in love with the colour the moment I seen it on the stand and had to get it. A lovely colour gradient of peach and coral. I'm not sure if you can see in the photo above but it is a shimmer blush. Not something I have tried before and I like it. It gives a lovely glow to my cheeks.

I was like a kid in a candy store I must admit, just look at the packaging. Absolutely amazing. I knew I wanted this Explosive Combination quad the moment I seen it and I hadn't even opened it to look at the colours at that stage! In this smokey eye palette you have three shadows and 1 dark shade of cake eye liner. The palette also comes with a duo applicator brush which I know a majority of you will dispose of and never think about using. I was impressed with the shadows pigment. The middle two, light and dark gold are the best out of the quad. The lovely coral colour is not as pigmented but with dabbing motions you can get a nice effect on the eye. I did use the due applicator brush to apply liner on my top lid my rubbing the dark matt colour into the roots of my lashes. Palette costs €4.99.

Again I can not stess this enough I LOVE THE PACKAGING! opps sorry for shouting. Isn't this a gorgeous red. Its called blood red and I have been looking for a shade like this recently. It has great staining power. I apply three layers when doing my lipstick. I use a lip brush to apply the first layer then blot it on some paper, apply another layer and then apply some power on top and then apply my third and final layer.  I find this the best way to make my lipstick last without the need to re-apply. Costs €4.99.

The final look using all three products. I have to say an absolute bargain. Affordable, great quality and packaging I will be proud enough to display on my vanity.

What do you think? I found these beauties in my local pharmacy and I believe you can find them in Mc Cabes pharmacy too.


08 July 2012


I have been saying over the past few months that I would love to plan a Blogger/Youtuber meet in Dublin. I've had many grand and exciting ideas but at the end of the day the main thing is that everyone meets up safely and has a fun time getting to know each other. I will try to make it as simple as possible so all you have to worry about is getting there.

Presuming it's not raining I think the best place for people to meet would be at The Spire on O'Connell Street. Its close to bus and train stops for people travelling from outside of Dublin. It's also close to the Luas and the Dart for those of us living in Dublin. 

Saturday 28th July at midday 

This is an invite open to all bloggers and Youtubers who wish to come. Events like this can be quite daunting, trust me I know. I nearly went through a whole can of deodorant at my first meet from the nerves! Feel free to bring a friend or family member along. I need to have a rough idea of numbers so if you are interested you can comment below and also email me with definite confirmation so I can get in touch if plans change. You can contact me at: adoreabubbles@hotmail.com with links to your blog/channel and also on twitter: @adoreabubbles.

What will we do you may be wondering. Well I think a meet and greet first of all until everyone arrives. I know I'm excited to meet lots of you who I know on-line but have yet to meet. Please god the weather will be good, bring your umbrellas just in-case. That same weekend the Vodafone comedy festival is taking place so Stephens green and Grafton street are going to be jam packed. I think it would be best to stick to the north side of town. We have Arnotts and Jervis for all your beauty needs, and lets not forget two large Penneys! When I have a good idea of numbers I would like to plan a late lunch or early dinner so we can sit down for a rest, more talking and acts of piggery. 

Updated post can be found HERE

I hope you can make it, see you there. 


Voya Body Buff

About ten years ago when I was visiting a friend in Co Mayo, Ireland. We decided to go to the local beach and I remember suggesting that we should exfoliate our legs for the craic using the sand on the beach before we went home. Unfortunately at that time I wasn't aware of the whole dry/oily skin malarkey and I walked home with two completely dry red raw legs.

When I received this product for review the memory of that day came flooding back to me. I proceeded with caution and thankfully I was pleasantly surprised and have fallen in love with this product.The finely ground seaweed and walnut shells are enough to give my skin a gentle exfoliation which I like because I like to exfoliate my underarms during the summer to reduce the chances of underarm yellow skin. On the rare hot day I tend to go overboard on the deodorant and when its sitting on my skin all day long I worry it may lead to yellow underarms so using this has been a godsend. 

Other key ingredients which make the Voya Body buff perfect for my dry skin is the Almond oil, seaweed and ginger extract. I find my skin doesn't feel so dry after using it compared to other body scrubs I have used. With all body scrubs they recommend using on elbow, heels and knees but other favourite places for using it have been my derrière and the back of my thighs. 

Now to the part I tend not to like so much, the price! Voya Body Buff retails at €29 for 200ml. Usually I would be walking away from the shelf in store when looking at prices like this but I have to say I think its worth it and will be repurchasing before I go on my holidays in August. 


P.S As mentioned above I have received this product for review. I have been using it for over a month and have given my honest opinion of it.

P.P.S If you have dry skin and want to exfoliate your pins on the beach this summer, bring heavy duty moisturiser with you to avoid walking home like a crab! 

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