30 June 2011

Revlon - Nutri Color Creme - Copper/red

I was visiting a friend who had the Revlon Nutri colour creme and recommend I tried it. It claimed to give your colour a lift which is something I needed. It's a copper/red shade which suited me down to the ground because I dyed my hair red over a month ago and it had really faded.

I had my shower and left in the product, you're suppose to leave it in for 3 minutes and then wash it out. Be warned it does stains your hands so its worth having something close by to wash your hands directly after you apply it! The power went out as I was waiting so the creme was in my hair for about 10 minutes until the power came back!! Maybe it will turn out even brighter the longer I leave it in I thought!! Rinsed it out and dried my hair. My hair felt really soft afterwards.

The colour had really been lifted and I am happy with the results! what do you think?



You can purchase it in any hair supply store such as Sallys.

Hope everyone is having a great day <3

Guest Blogger: Sarah shares her Shellac Experience

Hello all my lovlies, I am currently staying at my friends house, a mid twenties sleepover you may call it!! My friend Sarah (yes another Sarah) went out today and had her nails done for an upcoming wedding. Here is how she got on....

Greetings one and all!
I'm literally just back from Liberty Spa, Navan where I had my eyebrows waxed and got Shellac nails. I have a wedding to go to at the weekend but because I'm actively taking part in some home renovations (I washed and painted a few walls! and packed up some junk...) my nails were peeling, cracked, broken... shamefully awful. My nails are generally quite brittle so I always wear Sally Hansen 'Miracle Cure' polish as a base coat with standard polish but I was paranoid that this would chip before the weekend so I opted for a Shellac polish. Shellac is a UV gel polish that is cured (hardened) in a UV light box so its touch, smudge and chip resistant before you leave the salon! Eventually (1-2 weeks later depending on nail growth) the polish will peel and (with some delight) be picked off the nail. Shellac is removed with acetone which the salon offers free of charge. For €40 I could've gotten a full manicure (cuticle removal etc.) but I never have any cuticle growth so I went for the standard file and polish for €20.

The Shellac polish is available in a wide range of colours (there was a sign showing colours that could be created by layering two different colours but according to the therapist the preview colours aren't accurate) and I think I chose 'Hot Chilis' or possibly 'Hollywood'... I wasn't paying too much attention to the name but the colour was a dead ringer for the red in my dress and shawl! It is also possible to get Shellac nails done with a french tip but some length in your nail is required!

The lovely as always therapist Alex filed my nails and applied the Shellac base coat, two coats of Shellac polish and Shellac top coat. Each layer is cured under the UV light and any residue is removed with alcohol. Alcohol is very drying on the skin so Shellac nail oil was applied to the cuticles and massaged in. And that was it! Both treatments took forty-seven minutes in total including the colour consultation (me hymning and hawing over which colour and then which shade of red to go for). The end result: ten super glossy, bright red, subtly shimmering (very fine gold glitter) nails! The Shellac polish doesn't feel much different to normal polish (a very slight 'plastic' feel) and doesn't look obvious like acrylic/fake/gel nails can do. Alex assured me that unlike gel/acrylic nails, Shellac will leave strong, healthy nails that aren't sensitive or painful when it is removed.


As I have never had Shellac nails before I don't know how well they will hold up. For the moment I can say I am super impressed with the results!! Will update this after the weekend and see how much wear they can take.

Ciao for now!

28 June 2011

Face Of The Day 28/06/2011

I got home today from a Skills Demonstration at college where they  are pretty strict on your appearance and with the weather I just decided not to wear any make-up this morning!!

So when I got home I thought, LETS DO THIS! I applied my concealer and I went for a bold cat eye liner and lots of mascara, Benefit coral blush and a fun softshell pink lipstick by Revlon.

Products used:
Lasting perfection concealer in Fair1 by collection 2000
Rimmel London Soft kohl eyeliner in Jet Black
Coralista blush by Benefit
Mega Plump Mascara by Wet n Wild
Revlon Softshell pink 410 Lipstick

Hope everyone is having a great day :D 

27 June 2011

Say Thank You today with fanx.com

Hello my lovelies,

I want to tell you about a fun new website I have discovered and why I love it!. My mam has always told me “don’t forget to say please and thank you”. Back then it was more “please can I have some more sweets” than thank you! Now that I’m older and I’d like to think a tad bit wiser I always say thank you to nearly every person I come in contact with. It might be someone who has stepped out of the way as I’m entering a shop, a barman run off his feet or to the bus driver as I’m stepping off the bus.

I think it’s so important to say “Thank you” to everyone!  Sometimes we take family and friends for granted, we truly do appreciate everything they do for us and we would do the same for them in a heartbeat but sometimes we forget to say “thank you” or don’t realise that those two words could make their day!
I know when my brothers and I are visiting my parents at the weekends and eat the entire contents of their house that they don’t mind us doing that. I’m pretty sure they think we don't feed ourselves properly anyway! Some people might say “sure what else are parents for” but a simple thank you goes a long way! It might even ensure those double chocolate chip cookies make their way into my parents cupboard again!!!

I recently came across fanx.com through sprinklesofglitter YouTube channel. She is such a fun spirited person I know anything she is apart would inevitably result in smiles!!! As I watched Louise, baby glitter and Lee introducing fanx.com I thought I had to try it out. It’s so easy and straightforward. All you have to do after you register  is type in your name, email address and the fanx you message you want to send and then type in the name and email address of the person you want to send it to. I have used this a few times to send my Boyfriend messages while he was at work. Simple messages like “thanks for reminding me to defrost the chicken for dinner”!

The site is easy and free to use and the person you send your message too is not charged to read it. They simply receive an email with their personal message, smiles all round! You can even share your message on the main homepage if you like and people can rate your message! A message I sent to my mam thanking her for being the best mam got 36 votes, I hope that message encouraged others to thank their mams!

I would love to receive a fanx you message :) (hint hint!) adoreabubbles@hotmail.com 

Thank you all for reading my blog, I know I don't usually write that much haha! Have a wonderful day, and dont forget to tell someone you love "Thank You".

Sarah xXx

26 June 2011


Today myself and my boyfriend went up the Dublin mountains today to make a video...(not that kind of video you filthy minded so and so!!) A dear friend of mine has asked me to do a review on her handmade fused glass jewellery. Iv'e been so excited about making this video for my YouTube channel for so many reasons! 

  1. She is one of my best friends and im so honored she asked me.
  2. My family don't know about my YouTube channel and I thought this would be a nice time to tell them
  3. She has given me some pieces to give away to my subscribers.
So we went up today in the middle of the heat wave, it was great! I wore a Maxi dress that has been hiding in my wardrobe since last July and! We drove up and found a good spot that wasn't too busy, there was a lot of people out cycling and walking their dogs and just your usual Sunday drivers! I found a perfect little rock that even had a gruve for my bum!!
We did the intro, spoke about my friends website and showed all the pieces Fiona has kindly given for the giveaway! Unfortunately I cannot use any of the footage we got because the camera picked up a lot of wind (teehee) and it drowned out my voice. I thought maybe it isn't all bad, I could still use the footage and do a voice over but OH NO! My boyfriend, the camera man thought that my breasts and bum were the main focus of the video not my friends fabulous pieces!

Alas I will have to go out another day, i'm thinking Marley park or Powerscourt gardens if we get this fabulous weather again. 

Here is a sneak peak of some of Fiona's amazing pieces of handmade jewellery. If you would like to see more check out her Facebook & Etsy pages. 

Face of the day: 24/06/2011



Foundation: Lancome Teint Idole  010
Concealer: Collection 2000 lasting perfection Fair 1
Powder: L'Oreal Paris True Match Golden beige
Brows: L'Oreal Paries Contour Khol dark chocolate
Shadows: L'Oreal Paris ColorAppeal Golden Beige, I also used my blush in the crease! 
Mascara: MUA brown
Bronzer: Rimmel Sun shimmer light
Blush: Coralista by Benefit
Lips: L'Oreal Paris Berry Blush 258

I Just realized I actually use ALOT of L'Oreal Products!!! I have never noticed this before!!

All My love,

24 June 2011

23 June 2011

D.I.Y LolliePop Lipstick Holder!!!

Okay, don't laugh! I know most girls wouldn't dream of having a storage box made out of lolliepop sticks anywhere near their make-up! But I'm not most girls and I work with children so it suits me down to the ground! I hate routing through draws and handbags looking for my lippy so this is handy for me while i'm at my desk studying away or making Montessori Material.

Did you laugh? comment below...

All my love
Sarah x

P.s I got this idea recently when I was in an Aussie pie place and they had their salt and napkins in lollipop stands like this but they were just plain lolliepop sticks not AWESOME colourful ones like mine! 

Face Blog! MUA & Collection 2000

Collection 2000 -Lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer  €6.40
MUA - Eyeshadow shade 9 pearl €1.05
MUA - Mascara shade 4 (brown) €1.05
I also used the Brown crease shadow from the Wet n Wild On Cloud Nine palette.

I'm actually really impressed with the Concealer from Collection 2000 I heard a Beauty Guru on YouTube raving about it and thought why not try it out! It covered up my dark circles and blemishes really well I  didnt need to apply foundation over it! I also had to buy the MUA shadow because it was only €1.05 and I love purple and I bought the brown Mascara to try out too! the brush isn't the best but for that price I cant complain and I really liked the brown mascara I think it complimented my eyes well. As much as I love big lashes, black can be very harsh on me sometimes.

Do you like my mirror? I use it to apply my make-up in the morning when i'm in a rush. I LOVE anything Egyptian themed :D 

All my Love 
Sarah <3

18 June 2011

Deep Cleansing Nose Strips by Purederm

I inherited my nose from my mothers side of the family!  My three brothers and my cousins have inherited it also! I suffer from clogged pores and blackheads. Pain in the FACE! Iv'e been pretty lucky that I don't suffer from spots on my nose like the men in my family but clogged pores and blackheads can be just as bad. I feel when I apply my foundation it highlights it even more so. Maybe I need a better base/primer but i would rather eliminate the problem than cover it up.

No matter how much I exfoliate the condition never changes so I recently decided to try out nose pore strips.I remember years ago when we all still lived at home and nose pore strips first came out or became popular in Ireland my mam brought home a box to try. We all waited patiently for her to take the nose strip off to see the results, we sound like a right weird family but there wasn't a lot to do in the country apart from climbing hay bails! My mam seemed impressed with the results on the strip as we all looked at it in disgust! I must have been around 12 I think!

I went on the hunt for some about two months ago in the Dublin, Boots was my first port of call. I was kinda of broke so I wanted to get them for as cheep as possible. The ranged from €6.99 all the way up to €12.99 in Boots but I felt I could do better! I found these Deep cleansing nose pore strips by Purederm in a Mark Ellis Pharmacy for €3.99 and I thought can't get much better than that!

The Process is so simple

  1. Make sure your face is thoroughly clean. 
  2. Wet nose and apply the nose strip with the outward curve covering the tip of your nose.
  3. Leave on for 10-15 or until the strip is completely dry.
  4. Peel off and I like to go over my nose with a face cloth and a bit of warm water to clean off excess product that’s been left behind by the strip.

The Results

I've been using these strips for over a month now. This is my 3rd box, you get 6 strips in each box. I use them once a week or twice a week if i feel like my pores are really clogged from wearing a lot of makeup that week. They do recommend leaving three days between each use. My nose feels instantly softer, the nose strip afterwards really shows how it cleans clogged pores very well. I have also noticed less black heads.

If you are not too squeamish you can click on these images to see what the nose pore strips remove each use!

16 June 2011

Oxygen Mask By DermaSel Maskerade

I mentioned on YouTube recently that my lovely friends Sarah & Katie gave me a few bits and bobs when I was last able to leave the house to visit them haha (exam stress had me locked up quite a bit over the last 6 months!) This is one of the things they gave me. An Oxygen Mask that claims to Revive and rejuvenate your skin.

The product description also claims to thwart signs of premature aging, stimulates the skins metabolic functions, increases its oxygen uptake and visably improves the skin elasticity.

I'm not really interested in all that mumbo Jumbo! As I say it was a gift so i was looking forward to trying it out and I was hoping for my skin to feel soft like a babies bum afterwards! I was expecting a sticky consistency to the product as I thought it was a mask you apply, leave it to set and then remove but I was wrong. The Product was really light a runny (is that a word!) I applied it onto my face as advised and left it for ten minutes. I actually had time for a bath so i just relaxed and let the mask do its magic! I felt like i had applied Oil of olay on my face, it did feel like I was applying too much moisturiser to my face and then removing it all off then minutes later!. There was plenty of product left over and it said use the remaining product into the skin like a facial cream. 

I probably won't buy this product myself. My skin did feel nice afterwards but noting a bit of facial moisturiser couldn't achieve in just a few seconds, I say if you have time to do it regularly it would be more enjoyable.

11 June 2011

Poptastic Eye Palette by Collection 2000 - swatches

I seen this palette in Superdrug for around €6 and was completely sucked in by the bright colours! I wasn't expecting amazing results with it so i'm not too bummed out that most of the shadows are non existent unless i swirl my finger into them a fair few times! The green on the first and third row are the only two shadows that have any real lasting effect for me. The description on the back of the packaging says "nine bright eye shadows for a vivacious vixen look. last up to eight hours" I haven't tested it out for any longer than 5 minutes but considering they wiped clean off my arm and fingers with tissue paper I cant see them lasting any longer than one step out the front door into our lovely Irish weather!  
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