13 January 2014

Pretty in Pink Glitter Nail Tutorial

Products L to R: Rimmel London Try Harder double duty base coat, NYC 170 Oh Soho Sweet, NYC 238 MoMa, Art Club nail art lacouer in silver glitter, Studio iridescent polish and LA Splash nail art glitter in Trickery.

Iv'e seen a lot of gradient glitter nail looks on the interwebs lately and I wanted to try it for myself. This girlie glitter nail look is what I came up with. I really like how quick and easy it was to achieve. I think anyone at home can do this for themselves and it doesn't have to cost a pretty penny either.

Step one: Treat/clean your nails. I used Bubble White.
Step two: Apple base coat to prevent your nails from staining and prolong the wear of your varnish.
Step three: Apple your base colour, choose a light natural shade.
Step four: Apply your chosen darker shade to the tips. It does not have to be prefect because you will be covering it with glitter later. Look at mine above, what a mess!  
Step five: Apply your chosen glitter, again no special technique here. Just apply to tips.
Step six: Bring out the big guns. I applied a nail art glitter for extra sparkle to the tips.
Step Seven: Apply your top coat to bring all the layers together.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you try this look out for yourself at home please share your pictures with me on Facebook or Twitter, I would love to see them.


12 January 2014

Bubble White - Whitens, Brightens and Cleans Nails in Minutes

Bubble white claims to get your nails looking whiter and brighter in just five minutes. Looking at the ingredients it doesn't look like job baking soda and a bit of water couldn't sort out. In saying that you don't see people making their own home beauty remedies everyday otherwise there wouldn't be millions spent on beauty products every year so I thought I would try this out for review. 

It's very simple to use. You simply pour the contents into a container of warm water and leave your fingers to soaks for five minutes. Wash your hands after and you are done. You can use it on your toe nails too. It contains menthol which leaves a minty waft in the air while you are sitting, waiting to blind yourself with your new whiter nails. 

Well not so much. This product did have my nails looking and feeling cleaner but not a huge difference with making them looking whiter and brighter. It is a good soak for your cuticles to keep them moisturised but again noting soaking your nails in water alone wouldn't sort out. 

I picked it up in Sally's for less than €3 and enjoyed trying it. Not too disappointed with the results but will stick to home made remedies.

Before picture taken with Canon and after taken with iphone, sorry for difference in lighting. Bad blogger!


04 January 2014


I've been so lucky with my hair, I'm surprised I still have any left to be honest. I've bleached it myself far too many times to admit. Dyed it every colour under the sun. I also use hair straighteners to style my hair on nights out and since as far back as I can remember I have been washing my hair every single day. Last year took it's toll after I bleached it (for the last time I promise) and a few months later tried the ombre hair style which involved a hair dresser ruining my hair with more bleach.

My hair felt dry and brittle and looked positively awful after each blow dry. I tried an array of shampoos and conditioners to eliminate the option of just getting all my hair chopped off. A lot of them were good for my hair but didn't necessarily give my hair the WOW factor.  Until I tried the New Liss Unlimited products from the L'oreal Professional Serie Experts range which was formulated for dry, unmanageable hair prone to frizz.

Serie Expert's is a complete haircare system that can be used at home to receive results just as good as any in-salon results. L'oreal says the Serie Expert's range features innovative molecular precision technology that allows formulas to target specific parts of the hair to help deliver long lasting results.

Those specific areas include:

The Surface (External part of the hair) which can become damaged from too much styling and brushing. I hold my hand up. I want my hair to look it's best and this mean lot's of styling and brushing, I'm sure I'm not alone on this one! Serie Expert works on the surface to give your hair enhanced shine and smoothness.

The Cuticle (Inter-cellular cement that holds the scales of hair the hair strand together) can become weakened and damaged from heat and external forces out of out control such as pollution. Serie Expert's targets the cuticle to help strengthen hair and increase resistance to everyday forces out of our control.

The Cortex is at the heart of your hair and makes up 80% of the hair fiber. When this is damaged you are looking at hair breakage...ek! I had a few of those moments after each bleaching episode! Serie Experts targets the cortex and helps fortify the hair fiber.

From the Liss Unlimited range I tried the Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Masque and the SOS Smoothing Double Serum. Those three products from the Liss Unlimited range claimed to nourish and smooth unmanageable frizzy hair (shampoo) while protecting the hair fiber (Masque) and also provide and anti-frizz effect for up to four days (serum).  I was so delighted with the first few uses that I thought it was too good to be true. I made a promise to try the products until they were all gone before evening mentioning the range on my blog and I doing just that now.

I first started using the three products five months ago and have just finished the shampoo and smoothing masque. I did not have the opportunity to use up all of the smoothing double serum because a few weeks in the pumping action failed to work and only one side of the leave in serum was being dispensed. Both sides are suppose to mix and combine to create the anti-frizz serum. Because of this I will not be reviewing that product.

The Liss Unlimited Smoothing Shampoo 250ml costs €12.05 from L'oreal Professional salons nationwide and £8.25 from feelunique.com. It has a really creamy consistency and smells lovely. I've only ever had to do one wash with this shampoo and a little goes a long way. I've used other shampoos before were I felt my hair wasn't clean enough and had to do a second wash. The formula contains pro-keratin to repair the hairs internal structure and makes it feel stronger.

The Liss Unlimited Smoothing Masque 200ml costs €16.80 also from L'oreal Professional Salons and £11.25 from feelunique.com. The Serie Expert's range doesn't contain a conditioner because the Smoothing Masque is all you will need to give your hair the surge of moisture that your hair needs. I might go so far as to say that this product is the best thing I have ever put in my hair. I might even go so far as to share with you that every time I got into the shower and twisted the lid on this baby I let out a little excited giggle! It contains evening primrose oil to smooth and nourish and Kukui nut oil that acts as a barrier for your hair to fight a war against frizzy mad lady hair! Simply leave on clean damp hair for a few minutes before rinsing off. My hair loves the stuff and can't get enough.

I would recommend these products to anyone with dry, unmanageable hair especially if it's been damaged from over colouring and you find it hard to brush when wet. The masque will leave your hair feeling soft, luxurious and brushing it will be like a dream. If you have fine hair I would be hesitant to use them as they might leave your hair looking greasy if you use too much.

I've been looking forward to sharing this post with you because a few people have asked me how I get my hair looking so shiny and healthy looking and these two products have played a big part in achieving those results. I use to say good genes but after everything I've done to my hair I now know I need to give it a break and this range is really giving my hair a real treat.


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