26 February 2012

Vanilla Cupcake Candles

I found these in Penneys in Dundrum last week and had to get them. The looked super cute and when I removed the cupcake topping and took a whiff of the vanilla goodness I knew they had to be mine! At a whopping bargain of just €2 each I got two.

You know the way sometimes cheap candles can end up smelling awful, these smell lovely. I'm typing this out now with one of them lit beside me and its in no way over-powering. When they have been used up I plan on taking out all the excess wax and using them to store earrings and rings. Cannot wait.


HD Brows - The patch test.

Up until a week ago I have never heard of the salon treatment HD (high definition) Brows. I have heard of the term and just assumed it was applying a hell of a lot of brow pencil and making your eyebrows appear really thick! How wrong was I! A craze has hit Ireland recently with women flocking to salons across the country to get this treatment done so what is it exactly? Hd Brows is a seven step process which involves shaping, tinting, waxing, threading, tweezing, trimming and finishing off by soothing the skin and filling in any gaps with eyebrow pencil.

I have had all of the above treatments done but never in the same sitting! How would I fair out?. I love waxing because its so quick and not as painful to endure. Threading is great because I believe it delivers the best shape and tweezing is handy for any stray hairs but I find that the most painful option of the three for me.

The closest salon to me that provides this treatment is Carter Beauty in Blackrock. It cost's a whopping €50 which is a lot more than the €17 I usually pay to get them threaded but I really believe in well groomed brows. When my brows are done I feel extremely confident when I'm not wearing make-up and when I am wearing make-up groomed brows just enhance my look like noting else. I have also heard alot of people say brows are important for framing your face.

Next week I have booked myself into Carter Beauty and I am really excited to see the after results.(Updated post on my appointment here) Trust me, if you could see my brows right now you would be shocked and appalled ! Before I go ahead with thsi treatment I have to preform a patch test 48 hours before hand.

I went into Carter Beauty this week to pick up the patch test. They offered to send me one in the post but I was heading into Blackrock anyway to check out the markets so thought I might as well head in and get it myself. Case out the joint you know yourself! I was greeted immediately by a friendly staff member and was out the door in under twenty seconds with clear instructions for the following week. My boyfriend who had gone off to do manly window shopping hadn't even crossed the street when I came out!

Clear instructions inside the HD Brows patch test.

Have you had this done before of heard of anyone getting it done?. I will be blogging about the after results next weekend so keep an eye out for that. I wonder if I will fall in love with this treatment and will I be content with spending €50 every month and doing small touch-ups at home. Would you spend that much on your brows?

Till next weekend, lots of love.


24 February 2012

Giraffe girl!

This week at work we are saying goodbye to our jungle fever theme of the month by having a fancy dress day. This is what I wore. Don't laugh!

Top (€4) and trousers (€15) are both from Penneys. I used left over paint we had in the house to create the pattern. 

I had all of these already so giraffe head band cost me noting. whoop whoop!

And there you have it, Giraffe girl. I must say I had an absolute ball at work. The chidlrens reactions made it all worth while. I wish I could dress like this everyday!


21 February 2012

Pancake monster!

I already spent the day making pancakes with the kids at work and of course I sampled a few. You know, to make sure they where safe for the children of course.

When I got home I was surprised that I had a hankering for more. MOOOORE!! Shane worked his magic. This involved him throwing unmeasured amounts of milk and flour into a blender with eggs and hey presto!! PANCAKES!

This is how I like mine.

Step one: Get someone else to make you a pancake. I like mine in more of a crepe form.
Step two: lather on some chocolate spread. Nutella is what I used.
Step three: roll and serve with ice cream.

DROOOLL! Hope you all had a lovely pancake day ladies!

11 February 2012

Iv'e been awarded the Versatile blog award!

I was so delighted to find out that Hannah awarded me the Versatile Blog award this evening. Hannah's blog is love life and makeup . She's Irish (wooo hoo) and just as obsessed with make up as I am!

As part of the blog award I must share seven things about myself to you and name ten other wonderful blogs and pass the award onto them. Fun times.

Seven things about me

  1. I love baking and if something doesn't come out as planned I cover it in icing and eat it anyway! 
  2. Apart from my work uniform (which I HAVE to wear) I do not own one pair of trousers/jeans.
  3. I spend way too much time on eBay. Selling and buying.
  4. My favourite television programmes are Greys anatomy, Falling skies, The walking dead, Glee, storage wars and Grand designs.
  5. I don't/can't drive.
  6. I like to wait till my room gets extremely messy before I go mental and clean it to the point that it looks like a showroom.  
  7. I am currently falling in love with MAC lipsticks. Proud owner of two so far. bless!

I would like to pass this award onto the following gorgeous, beautiful, talented, AMAZING ladies.

Make sure you check out all these wonderful blogs. Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and thank you Hannah for passing this award onto me.


10 February 2012


Products used:

Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion
NYX jumbo pencil in White
INLGOT AMC 60 (Yellow)
Urban Decay in Junkshow
Sleek black from sunset palette for liner
Cresty cosmetics brow kit
Benefit mascara They're real
On lips: Up The Amp by MAC

Thank you for checking out my face of the day. Feel free to comment, like or share :D


09 February 2012


I had a blast at IMATS and surprisingly didn't spend as much as I had thought! I had visions of me running all over the place shouting "MINE MINE ALL MINE" but I controlled myself and only bought what I knew I would use. How very practical of me!

Z.palette cost me £12

I plan on putting my MUA shadows in here.

Duo eyelash adhesive cost me £5 - Bargain!

I had to go to superdrug while I was in the UK. I bought a new MUA shadow for £1, three Sleek lipstick on a 3 for 2 offer and a new eyelash curler for £1.99

The lipsticks are really nice I got them in shades Liqeuer, naked and barely there.

A brow kit by cresty cosmetics. It comes with the brow power, brush and three stencils in size thin, thick and natural. I also got this free pencil set.

Altogether these brushes cost me £12 - I just love blending brushes!

08 February 2012

Tildz Tutorial

I had so much fun yesterday trying Beckys tutorial which you can check it out HERE that I wanted to see how I would get on doing a tutorial by another YouTuber that I love. Today I have decided to try TildzBox's take on a blue smokey eye. 


I had alot of fun watching her tutorial and trying it out. I did not use the same products as Tilda but I found good substitutes.

Products used:
Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion 
Deep End shadow by urban decay
Black shadow from Sleek Sunset palette
AMC 70 by Inglot
Venetian Blue by Revlon
AMC 73 by Inglot
Virgin by Urban decay
1001 lashes by Bourjois
A14 Lashes by www.kkcenterhk.com

You can watch Tildzbox's tutorial HERE

There are so many woman on YouTube doing tutorials for all sorts of make up looks but does anybody actually try them out? I know I've done them in the past and not expected anyone to try them out even though I have put alot of effort into filming and editing. Iv'e decided to try other guru's looks out and make this a regular blog post. It will be a great opportunity for me to improve my skills and use up the make-up I have sitting in my draws.


I proudly present to you...

My new baby, my first EVER INGLOT palette.

(From Left to Right) Matte 388, Matte 325, Double sparkle 487, Matte 372, Shine 32

(From Left to Right) Amc 60, Amc 73, Amc 70, Matte 385, Pearl 428

I have been playing with this none stop over the last five days. These where by far my ten favourite colours at the IMATS (International Make-up Artist Tradeshow) stand in London. I carefully went up and down selecting these shades. Some of them will compliment each other and others will help me on my journey to try brighter more vibrant looks.


07 February 2012

My attempt at Beckys 'Fierce Flowers' look.

I went to IMATS London last weekend with four wonderful women. One of them was Becky from beckysblog . I have been subbed to her youtube channel now for over a year and I love her make-up looks. She is a genius when it comes to what colours go well together and her talent for eye make-up is out of this world. Having the chance to meet her in person was amazing. I even got to see how she applied her make-up for IMATS. She went for an amazing green, yellow glitter look. She was turning heads and even got asked if she was a model. I decided today to try out one of her looks, its called Fierce Flowers and you can watch the tutorial yourself below.

I am no way near as talented as Becky and I don't have the gorgeous sugarpill shadows she uses but I really like my attempt and will try to experiment more with colours.


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