30 April 2012

Goodbye April

1. I treated myself to a Laura Ashley vase and some pretty flowers. 2. Coming home after visiting my parents in the country. Pretty rainbow made me smile. 3.I coloured my hair. 4. Alfie and Skittles haven't been well but the vet finally figured out what was wrong with them and they are getting their meds. 5. I organised my make-up collection. 6. Myself and Shane tried out a Chinese restaurant we hadn't been to before. 7. I tried a new nail look. 8. Shane bought me this gorgeous blazer, i'm in love with it. He is jealous. 9. I bought myself a new handbag from the River Island sale. Lots of lovely ladies on twitter persuaded me to get it. 10. We enjoyed spoiling ourselves in Lemon, strawberries and ice cream crepe. 11. We went to the Dublin zoo and couldn't believe how much it had changed.

Hope you had a wonderful April.


28 April 2012

Shower Storage

Job update: Still haven't found the job of my dreams yet. I have yet to regret leaving my last job a few weeks ago. I know the country is gone to shite and jobs can be found far and few between but I am a VERY firm believer that you shouldn't work somewhere your not happy with or in an occupation your not happy in. I had a problem with where I worked so I left. Simple as.

The two major down points for me not working lately are, firstly I have been waking up at half seven every morning for the past few weeks and not been able to go back to sleep afterwards. Secondly being at home a lot (with my occupation on-line searching is the best way to go) makes me aware of things I never noticed before. Marks on the walls. The garden fence hasn't been painted and we moved in two years ago. The Stairs gather lots of dust very fast. The kitchen floor really needs a visit from the mop fairy. Many many other small things that all together make me want to go back to work ASAP!

One thing I noticed was the collection of products in our shower. Too many products that I don't use daily but feel the need to have in there encase I change my mind at any given moment! While I was in TK MAXX I picked up a shower organiser that was €19.99 reduced to €14. I liked this organiser because it had a loop at the top which meant I could hang it onto the knob that turns the shower on instead of having to drill it into out lovely tiles.

I am really happy with this, it fits in perfectly and there is still enough room to turn the shower on/off. Its terrible really, Shane only owns two products here. How I wish I was a man sometimes. They have it so easy! 

Garden Update

I know we don't even have great weather at the moment, I would't walk to the shop in the weather we have had this week let alone step outside to our back garden. I had to do something with it. I wanted it ready for summer time BBQ's. Please god let there be sun this year.

I went onto Gumtree and put up an advert to see if there was anyone locally with the tools who could get rid of weeds on the patio, remove the feckin Christmas tree, cut the grass and paint the fences. I must have gotten over one hundred emails from people all over Dublin looking to do the job. I couldn't believe it. A lovely man answered my prayers and got it all done over the weekend. Our grass is looking..well a little dead but i'm delighted its tidy.

I have a job interview on Monday, fingers crossed this is the one.

Love ,

Minnie Mouse Nails

I picked up this set in TK MAXX for €9.99. I fell for those displays they conveniently happen to make look all enticing while your waiting in line for the tills. I am delighted with my purchase because Iv'e always wanted a set like this with the precision pointed brushes to make it easier to do fun nail looks.

I put Rimmel Londons Stronger double duty base coat on my nails before using the red,white and black colours from this set to create a fun Minnie mouse nail look.

1. Cover the tips of your nails using a red polish, some of my nails aren't as long as the others so on the smaller nails I created a wider tip to give the illusion that they are all the same length.
2. Using a white polish place dots randomly over your red tips. allow to dry before doing the next step.
3. Using a black polish creat a dot in the middle top area of your red tip. Spread the dot around a bit but don't reload your brush. The proceed to add two small triangular shapes either side of your round dot. Allow to dry before doing the next step.
4. Apply a top coat all over the nail.
And your done.


26 April 2012

Catherine Zeta-Jones Inspired Look

My friends came over last night for a catch up, sleep over you might even call it! We had such a laugh swatching each others makeup and being generally girlie! They decided to do a celebrity inspired make-up look on me and this is what they came up with.

Products Used

Primer: ELF Studio primer
Foundation: L’oreal True Match – Golden Beige
Concealer: Me Me Me Correct and perfect – Nude
MAC – Brulee All over
Sleek The Original Palette – Dark green on eyelid
MUA Immaculate Collection – Shade 19 on eyelid
MUA Immaculate Collection – Shade 16 in crease
MUA Immaculate Collection – Shade 18 in the inner corner
MAC – Mylar on brow bone
Cresty Eyeliner – Black
Eyebrows:  NYC – Bazaar
L’Oreal Cashmere Perfect Blush – Mauve Charmant
MAC  Blush Ombre – Vintage Grape
Highlighter: (on cupid’s bow and cheeks)
MUA Immaculate Collection – Shade 18

Sleek – Liqueur, Nude
Watershine Gloss – Crystal Dune  

I think they did a great job at making me look a trillion times better than my before photo! Katie and Sarah are twin sister whom I have known since 6th class. I am up loading the tutorial video onto YOUTUBE now if you would like to check that out.


25 April 2012


No clogs allowed by Soap & Glory is a facial cleanser that also doubles up as a face mask. I bought this for €12 and thought for 100ml it was worth it. You only need a grape sized amount when using it as a cleanser, two-three grape sized amounts when wanting to use it as a mask.

I was really excited to use this product after reading the instructions on the packaging that's says " Wet your hands and scrub until you're blue in the face - literally". This might sound a little sad but that was the main selling point for me...a blue face. I'm easily entertained I tell you! The product does have little blue particles in it and I presumed these mixed with water would turn my face blue.  Unfortunately even though I followed the instructions and mixed the product on my face with water there was no blue face. Sad times.

However I feel in love with this product as soon as I rinsed my face. My skin has not felt this clean in a long time. I actually look forward to cleaning my face at night now before I go to bed. After using it for a few weeks now I have noticed the pores on my nose reduce dramatically. I am delighted.

It can be hard to find in most boots stores but you can find it at the Soap & Glory section in Harvey Nichols, they sell a good selection of their body products.

One grape sized amount spread all over my face, the self-heating action felt nice.

After wetting my hands and scrubbing as instructed on the packaging. A little down after getting my hopes up for a blue face! 

Delighted with the end result. Seriously clean face, I feel like months of make-up has been removed in the space of a few minutes.

This product also comes with a small pink sponge which you can use to remove your mask. I would also like to suggest buying a cotton hair turban, especially if you have short hair. I bought mine in Dunnes for €2 and it has made my life so much easier. I can apply product and not have to worry about my hair getting all up my face!


New Addition to the Girl Cave

I've been meaning to get some clothes storage for my girl cave. I thought it would be nice for blogging and haul videos on YouTube to have them easily accessible. My bedroom is upstairs and my wardrobe is pretty jammers at the moment already so a clothing rail has made a nice addition to my girl cave downstairs and holds my new items recently purchased from Ebay, Penneys, Dunnes etc.

I got this rail in Argos for €10.91 and I couldn't resist getting the pink one! Argos is also doing a two for €20 euro deal at the moment on their clothing rails. You can also get one on stainless steal which is what I would usually go for but pink is so girlie and I want to maintain that theme in my girl cave!!!

You can Reserve one online Here

It came in an easy to carry light packaging and took less than five minutes to assemble. It came with instructions but if you know what a clothing rail looks like you can assemble without. Like me, I'm awesome!

Here she is. You can adjust the height if you want to store longer dresses or trousers but I have it on a low setting because ill be holding short summer dresses and shorts on there.

A few recent buys.

23 April 2012

Urban Decay collection! PICTURE HEAVY

You can thank @Aundrea for this post today! It all started with her eyeing up my Urban Decay anniversary palette while she was watching my Room Tour . I bet she's making plans right this minute to sneak into my girl cave and snatch it! She then blogged HERE about her really cool collection of Deluxe Shadows. I have looked at the single shadows a few times walking past the Urban Decay counter in House of Fraiser but they seemed a bit pricey just for one thing, they are worth it don't get me wrong. I'm just a cheap skate!

After reading her blog, I thought about my own collection and how much I BLOODY LOVE it! I wanted to share it with you. I joked about teasing Aundrea but I'm not that cruel! If you want to see swatches of anything let me know. It's late so forgive me for not doing any funky photo editing. Here we go unedited photo heavy time!

The Starlight Glitter Body Art kit.

Stencils, five glitters, glue and a fan brush.

Myself and captain Jack Sparrow had matching tattoos done! Its true love! 

Primer potions how I love thee, I blogged about them Here

Loose pigment in Graffiti. 

The Midnight Emergency palette.

A swatch of the cool plumping lip gloss, its like every other plumping product. Minty and sticky.

Here is one look I created with the Naked palette.

The Sustainable palette was my 1st Urban Decay product. My dad bought it for me on an Aerlingus flight home from the UK. From then on I was hooked.

I received this gorgeous palette from Shane's sister Christmas just gone, isn't she a beaut. I haven't played with it much but I'm going to make an effort to produce a few looks using this palette over the next few weeks.

You can see swatches of these bad boys HERE

And there you have it, my entire Urban Decay collection. Hope you enjoyed checking it out. What are your thoughts on Urban Decay?


Penneys Nail Polish haul

I have a few bits and pieces to show you from a little shopping spree in Penneys the other day but you will have to wait to see the rest. I'm working on my first lookbook video, showing my looks for spring and summer. I've always had really bad taste in clothes and I have had many fashion disasters but now I feel like I've got my sense of style down! So I can't wait to upload that video. I can however show you these gorgeous polishes I got!! 

Left to Right: Meet me now, Sure Azure & Modern romance. All costing just €1.29
I just love the names Essence come up with. I am very impressed with essence for making an effort to make their brand fun.

I really like these two in one polishes. A great idea and a bargain at €3.49. Here is Shopping trip in Soho and I have to say I love it. I don;t know if anyone has noticed but this fuchsia colour is fast becoming one of my favourite colours. Let me have a think and see how many things I own in this colour.

3 x dresses
1 x Handbag
3 x polishes
1 x coat
1 x phone cover

Yes I think I like that colour a lot! 

Here is the other side side, party all night long. With this one product you can create three different looks, I think its cool! 

Thats all from me. If you are interested I uploaded a room tour video today.


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