28 August 2011

1/4 of my life GONE!

Slightly dramatic title but I really feel like the last five years have flown by! I'm doing now what I should have been doing years ago e.g learning how to drive! Anyway serious talk back in the box! I turned 25 recently and had a fabulous weekend! My boyfriend cooked me a meal Gordon himself would be proud of (I found the recipe sheets in the kitchen today, gordon Ramseys lasagne and creme brulee) I spent Saturday with friends shopping and with family for dinner and even squeezed in some x-factor!

 Dinner and cake with family.

 Flowers from shane, sunflowers (my fav!)

I was also very lucky and blessed to receive amazing presents for my Birthday! I can't help but smile and giggle thinking about it! I am really looking forward to blogging on certain beauty products I received also.

As well as give me a huge box of goodies my friends sarah and katie also made me this!!!

14 August 2011

Whats in My Shower

Products that live in my shower.

I seen a whats in my shower post on cornflakegirlsmusings Blog and thought I would share what products are currently residing in my shower!

I love using Neutrogena's deep clean invigorating daily facial scrub in the shower in the morning. It really gives my face a wonderful good cleanse and gets rid of any make-up I missed the night before. I once heard goshmakupartist on youtube recommending you wash your face for more than 60secs each morning. It really does help. I also love using Soap & Glory's Scrub of your life as my body scrub. It smells delicious and leaves my skin silky soft. This travel size only cost €3 and I buy it instead of the full size for €15 because it takes up less room in my shower.

When it comes to shampoos and conditioners I like to have variety. I have been trying out VO5's give me moisture shampoo and nourish me truly conditioner for a month now. They were on special offer for €2.29 each so I thought why not! Aussie colour mate shampoo is one I always end up repurchasing because I colour my hair alot and I love the feeling of softness is leaves my hair. I think my boyfriend bought me the Pantene Pro-v Shampoo when I asked him to pick me up some shampoo on a bread and milk run to the shops!. Its never been a brand I usually buy but its nice. It has a nice scent to it.

Shower Gel is also something I like to alternate in the shower. At the moment I am using Original source mint and tea tree shower gel. I LOVE anything minty! It definitely helps to wake me up in the morning and I also use Nivea sensitive balance to soothe my skin. A shower puff is a must have for me if I haven't got enough time to exfoliate in the morning.

I actually can't leave the house unless I have had a shower! I just feel really dirty if I don't have one, even if I had a shower the night before! I think i'm a bit mad! I'm also not a big fan of baths. I can never relax and it doesn't help that our bath is a little too small for my 5'10 self! 

Do you like showers or baths and whats your must have product?

07 August 2011

New Hair Style

Before: My hair was all sorts of crazy grown out different lengths and my hair colour was also a mess. I needed a real transformation.

I seen this picture in a hair magazine while my colour was in. I went for an all over dark brown.

After: Nice and neat but still fun. I really like it. It took me less than 5 minutes to blow dry and style my hair today! 

04 August 2011

Jemma Kidd Set + A Surprise!

Bargain of the week! 

From top to bottom: Lip line duo in neutral & tailored colour neutral/pink. Powder Colour burst in platinum. Crushed jewel gel liner in Lapis.

Pro: €4 you cant beat that! Con: I hate the packaging(they look funky but an awful waste, think of the poor trees!), the products are a pain to get out of the box and they come with these leaflets/instructions on how to apply. Some may find this helpful but i'm a wing it kinda gal. 

When I picked up the set in TK MAXX I noticed a little rip in the corner of the plastic covering, I checked the other sets on the shelf and seen they all had three products in them so nothing was missing, it was just a rip. I just opened the pink bag that he set came with to take pictures for my blog and found this inside!! Clarins Wonder length Mascara. What's a girl to do? Well i'm just going to be honest, i'm going to keep it! I double checked online and it really wasn't suppose to be in there and I wont be in town for a while so, thank you TK MAXX. An early birthday present! 

I'll probably feel guilty soon no doubt! Iv'e never tried Jemma Kidd make-up before, going to the cinema to see the guard tonight so im going to try all the products out today.
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