12 January 2015

Mum to be Monday #4 - Baby Bump Painting

You may or may not have heard of bump painting before. I myself only found out about it two weeks ago. While on Twitter I seen @JoJosPartyTime mention that she does it with a link to her Facebook page. I checked out her page and had to get in touch immediately to find out more about it.

It's something I would love to get done myself closer to my due date. I thought of my brothers partner Danielle as she is due at the end of January and this would be a lovely way to celebrate her wonderful bump before my nephew Alex arrives.

Jo Maher was very friendly and easy to talk too, we communicated through Facebook chat and organised a date. She come to Danielle's to do it which meant mum to be didn't have to leave the house. The whole experience was something else, really enjoyable and I'm glad I got to photograph it. I'll let the photos do the talking now!

Is this something you would think about doing yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Prices vary depending on your location and it takes just one hour for Jo to work her magic. It really was a nice experience, chatting away in a relaxing environment surrounded by family members. 

Check out Jo's page JAM Face & Body Art over on Facebook


Mum to be Monday - My Pregnancy Journey


  1. Nope, this wouldn't be for me at all but the art is very pretty! Can't believe it only took an hour. Sounds like a lovely calming experience :)

  2. Oh this is a great idea! I'd have lived to have gotten this done with my Alsx before he arrived but my bump is gone now :( such a great way to photograph the bump before it's gone! :)

  3. Wow, I love this idea! I wish I had known about something like this before I had my little girl..
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

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