19 May 2011

MeMeMe Cosmetics - Concealer & Blush me Coral!

A long overdue review on two products from MeMeMe, better late then never ladies!

Back in April I contacted MeMeMe and asked them would they be interested in letting me review a product on my YouTube channel. I was delighted to hear back from them and I received two products.

The first product I received was the 2 step conealer kit in Nude. Its called Correct & perfect. I am very new to using concealer and I have to admit I always viewed it as a luxury and not a necessity but ever since I went back to college last year the late nights are showing in the form of dark under eye circles. The packaging is lovely with the cream concealer on top with a mirror under the lid and the setting powder underneath the screw top compartment. I liked the quality of the cream concealer it goes on really well and very easy to blend.. For me I found it wasn't enough to hide my dark circles but it hid blemishes around my nose and chin very well.

The second product was their Blush called Blush me coral (cute name!). Again the packaging was really impressive. Lovely box (similair to Benefit blush boxes.) The box also includes a mirror which was great and a brush. The brush was great quality, really soft bristles. Now to the important part. The Coral blush, I love me some coral! I really like this blush, the colour is gorgeous and it leaves a lovely glow to my skin, perfect for summer. I am really impressed with the quality of the powder. Ive been using it for nearly a month now and there is still plenty of product left.

Correct & perfect - Usually £6.99 but currently at an introductory price of £5.49
Blush me coral      - £8.50

You can check out these products online at http://www.mememecosmetics.co.uk/ Or purchase them in any Superdrug store near you.
In Ireland the only Superdrug store that I know of is the one based in tallaght Shopping Centre in Dublin. In Euros the prices are just over €10. A lot less than some other well known brands here in Ireland for the same quality.

Check out their twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/mememecosmetics

Special Thanks - I would just like to say thank you to MeMeMe cosmetics for sending me these products, I am very honored for them trusting me to do a review. Clementine, the lady I have been corresponding with has been so friendly and helpful! I love great customer service.


  1. I never tried this brand, but I seen it in Superdrug. Theres another Superdrug in Dublin, in the Omni Shopping Center in Santry :) Thats were I seen them!

  2. These products look so cute, haven't heard about this brand before. Definitely checking out their site ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  3. i love mememe products you should get there version of benefit moonbeam. very similar :)

  4. I really like that blush. Coral is one of my favorite colors.
    Great review.


  5. love the blush great blog http://britters89.blogspot.com/ please follow

  6. I wish that brand will be brought here to the Philippines soon.:) awesome review!

    followed your blog. :)


  7. The blush looks pretty!!! :)

    I am a new follower!

  8. Mememe Cosmetics is now available in Ireland, in pharmacies outside of superdrug
    Check out our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mememe-Cosmetics-Ireland/427884717285681?fref=ts :)


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