30 December 2011

Christmas 2011 & Thank YOU

So Christmas is coming to an end. I have to say this has been the best Christmas so far. I didn't drink much this year so I can remember more compared to other years! I really enjoyed getting the tree and decorating the house.

Epic fail putting the Christmas tree in the kitchen this year but at least we can say we tried it! Next year...smaller tree!

My Crimbo jamies :D

Primark €4 bargain.

Bling given to me by my little brother.


These guys are fab. Great for hugs and make very comfortable pillows!

Alfie and Skittles had visitors. 

I want to say a special thank you to everyone who sent me lovely letters, cards and gifts over the holidays. I can't believe all the love and support I have received over the last year. I really am thankful to call you all my friends even though we have yet to meet. I am in contact with my friends on Youtube, blogger and twitter more than my own family, and I love it! Thank you all for making 2011 the best year for me. I cannot wait to see what 2012 will bring but I hope everyone has an amazing new year.


Sarah xxx


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