10 December 2011

Versace Yellow Diamond

First of all the packaging is fabulous. It isn't a bottle that I would carry around in my handbag but it would look divine on anyone's dressing table at home. The fragrance itself is not one I would usually wear but I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The longer I wear it the more I like it. It started off with quite a fruity scent which is what I usually go for and then after a while it faded to a nice delicate warm fragrance. 

This would be a really nice autumn/winter fragrance for me but for spring/summer I would be looking for something with more of a fruity factor. It is the kind of scent you would only smell on a person as you got close to them which is nice as sometimes you don't want a perfume that is too over powering. Overall I do like it and I can see myself wearing it over the Christmas season quite a bit.


  1. it looks soo nice :o i love perfumes esp at christmas time my mum gets me heeps :/ ahaha xoxox

  2. Fancy bottle, I think I would keep it for long as it was some kind of a treasure.

  3. you should try using a Travalo to carry around your perfume in your bag :) xx


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