22 September 2012

Holographic Love - GOSH Holographic Hero

A few weeks ago Louise Manning posted a picture on instagram of O.P.I's DS Original nail polish and it was love at first sight! At that moment I knew I wanted it and went on a mission to find it. Alas it has been discontinued and would cost an arm and a leg to get my paws on it.

On a recent trip in Mc Cabes pharmacy to stock up on my favourite teeth whitening product I also came across, grabbed and ran to the tills with GOSH Holographic Hero. It retails at €8.50 which is cheaper than O.P.I but GOSH that's still a good chunk of dosh!!

Gosh Holographic Hero without base or top coat. (I just wanted it on my nails and couldn't wait!)

I hadn't heard of Holographic Hero before and according to a quick google search it seems this product was released on the market before but was discontinued because it received so much negative feedback about chipping. Gosh have re-released it but have covered themselves this time by mentioning on the packaging "One night wear". 

The consistency is thin and needs two coats to get the results as seen in the photos. I like that it dries really fast and the brush is small so you won't waste product when applying. I have fallen completely in love with the holographic effect. I can't stop looking at them and shouting "THEY LOOK SO AWESOME".  

I personally would repurchase this product even though its over my €5 budget when it comes to nail polish. I have been wearing it for nearly 24 hours and have not experienced any chipping. Considering I haven't used a base or top coat I am very impressed. 

What do you think of the holographic effect and do you know any other brands that produce such a varnish? 


36 hour update


  1. I love this Holographic polish! I have the original one but it looks the same as this one anyway. Super cool! x

  2. Oh wow. It's very like OPI's Coronation :) it's beautiful!

  3. They look really good, I've never actually tried any Gosh cosmetics!

  4. Its over my price range too but once I am well enough for dates again I must make it mine! Xx


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