10 November 2013

The Perfect Red Lips for the Party Season featuring Barry M and Rimmel London

Hmmm.. What am I missing?! Oh yes, the perfect red lipstick for the upcoming party season!

In fact I have a pretty spectacular Lip liner and lipstick to tell you about. Barry M 163 Little Vixen €8 and Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip liner in 024 Red Diva €5.49

I lined my lips with Red Diva, a full colour lip liner definer which is soft textured and the fine tip offers precise definition. I didn't find this liner to be drying, it went on so smoothly. I made sure not to twist it up too much to avoid causing the liner to snap. I just twisted up a little at a time and it worked perfectly. This liner made the perfect base to the lipstick I chose to apply next. They matched each other perfectly. 

Next I applied Little Vixen by Barry M. I bought this lipstick as part of Boots 3 for 2 offer. I also bought two Barry M polishes, I shall report back on them soon! I love this classic red lipstick because it's not too bright and it's not too dark, it's just right. Little Vixen is made up of Barry M newest ultra moisturising lip paint formula. All hail cocoa butter! It means no more dry looking lips but it does also mean you need a very good lip liner to keep it in place. It's suits my complexion perfectly and I look forward to wearing it over the Christmas party season and well into the new year.

I applied both of these products at lunch time and after dinner, a trip to the cinema were obligatory popcorn was had and a quick stop into my local on the way home to see a band play I noticed then that the lipstick had held up for a good 10 hours!!! You can't get much better than that girls! 

To prolong your lipstick for even longer check out my post on Lipstick sealers.


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  1. Love these! The colour looks great on you :)

  2. That lipliner matches the lipstick SO well - they're like a match made in heaven! :D

    The red really suits you - you should wear a statement red lip everyday - you look amazeballs! Just beautiful. I love a good red lippie - I saw you mention Catrice's Bloody Mary in another post - love that one too - I bought a few as backups, I love my limited editions I do! :D

    Belle Morte Beauty

    1. I know, when I picked up the liner in Boots I just knew it would be a perfect match! Bloody Mary is a nice one, I must dig that one out again!!

  3. Wow you rock that red lipstick it looks amazing on you! xx

  4. That's gorgeous. May I just say too your hair suits you so well dark, it's super shiny too! x

    1. Thank you hunny, I will have a post up about the hair products I'm using at the moment! Since I have my hair bleached twice this year I'm surprised I have any hair left but the shampoo and conditioner I'm using at the moment is AMAZING!

  5. Red is definitely your signature lip colour, it's gorgeous against your complexion. Such affordable prices as well. Great price!! Thank you for this post, it's lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I'd be honoured if you could check out my vintage inspired photoshoot and let me know what you think. x


    1. Aw thank you Caroline, all these lovely comments are just wonderful. :D Off to check out your post now :D x

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you, I can't wait until the weekend to wear it again! Wouldn't go down too well in work haha

  7. Gorgeous shade of red, looks fab on you! x

  8. what a gorgeous combo! Red looks so pretty on you :) x

  9. Wow you rock that red lipstick

    Best Regards


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