28 July 2014

Magnifibres or Magni-AWFUL?! Lash Lengthening Product Review

I was recently sent Magnifibres to try out for review and it instantly reminded me of the Maybelline XXL Volume and Length Microfiber Mascara as with both products you have a layering system to follow. What a disaster the Maybelline XXL mascara turned out to be. If you weren't left with clumpy spider lashes you had the white layer peering out from underneath the black mascara making you look just plain ill. 

Magnifibres €25.85/£21 is different in that the fibres do not come in the form of a mascara type consistency but as fibres seen in the photo above which are made from the following ingredients: Viscose, Panthenol, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol. 

Magnifibres brush on lashes claim to instantly lengthen lashes up to 5mm. "No glue...No mess..No fuss...just glamour" it says on the packaging. 

It works as follows:
Step 1. Apply your own mascara.
Step 2. Using the same method apply Magnifibres but look down.
Step3. Wait 30 seconds, then apply a second coat of your mascara.

In the above photo I have followed all three steps. I used No7 Fanomenal Lashes Mascara, it's one of my favourites. Even though it claims to give fuller lashes I actually find it great for separating the lashes making them appear longer. 

The first time I used Magnifibres I got a bit of a fright with how the fibres felt on my lashes and had an uncontrollable blinking fit. After using a few more times I have taken to applying the fibres really slowly and carefully making sure not to apply too much. After following the last step and applying the second coat of mascara I have to say I was not impressed in the slightest with how my lashes looked. 

The fibres made my otherwise nicely separated lashes clump together when I applies the second coat of mascara. Maybe this is how you get the fuller looking lash effect but I was not loving it! Throughout the day I also noticed that some of black fibres had fallen onto my cheeks. I could have rubbed my eyes or knocked my glasses off my lashes but this was also a big turn off for me with this product. Taking my mascara off also got a whole lot scarier because the fibres with the coat of mascara when trying to take off with my make-up remover created little balls hell which then got rubbed into my eye lids. 

From a distance to look at, not so bad. But close up...and I'll quote my boyfriend on this..."Your eyelashes look like yard brushes"! There was noting glamorous about Magnifibres brush on lashes for me I'm afraid and I would never pay over €25 for a product like this when I can just use one of my favourite budget friendly volume and lengthening mascaras which feel lighter, take less time to apply and don't give me yard brush lashes! 

What do you think ladies, is this a product you could live without?



  1. The price puts me off for sure but the fibres thing freaks me out a bit too..makes me wonder how good it is eye-health wise?!

    1. The results really don't justify the price Chloe!

  2. Gotta love honest Other Halves.... But its not something I'd go for anyways, I wouldnt mind getting lash extensions though...

    1. Oh I have always wanted to get the lash extensions done! A bit pricey but worth it when it lasts a few weeks or if you have a big event. :D

  3. Your lashes looked far better before, Sarah! The thoughts of putting little bits of fluff near my eyes is a no-go for me.

    1. I thought the same thing and I only applied a little bit beforehand to make the fibres stick before applying the second coat of mascara!

  4. Spider webs... I can't stop thinking spider webs.

  5. Hi Sarah,
    So sorry to read that you didn't love our Magnifibres.
    Whilst the vast majority of our users find them to be highly effective, we do understand it might not be for everyone. We do receive excellent feedback and our consumers love the fact they can stop using false lashes and therefore worth paying the price.
    Removing your Magnifibres should not cause any irritation or bits to go in your eyes so we are sorry to read that happened to you. Our Magnifibres are made from 100% natural fibres so users should feel safe in the knowledge that no damage is being done to their eyes when wearing the product.
    I will however pass your feedback over to our Product Development team who always take user feedback on board.
    We hope your experience hasn't put you off Magnifibres forever and that perhaps you will try them again one day!
    Thanks for taking the time to review the product.
    The Magnifibres Team

    1. Thank you so much for getting in touch. I know other people who love the product but it just wasn't for me. Glad to hear it's natural fibres won't cause any damage too!


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