11 August 2014

Elle MacPherson - Instant Nail Wraps Or Instant Nail Fail?!

I bought these Elle MacPherson Instant Nail Wraps in Argos a few months ago. They seem to be unavailable on their website now but you can purchase them from Elle MacPherson's website for a whopping £9.99. They are available in pink, gold and silver and the kit includes a nail file.

I've tried many different brands of nail wraps/stickers but no matter how hard I try to like them they never sit well with me. Their major selling point is that unlike using nail polish there is no drying, peeling, chipping, smudging or chemicals involved. This is all very true but there is no denying the fact the wraps I have applied for this review look god damn awful. I've tried time and time again to apply them leaving no creases and have failed. After removing the excess wrap with the file the tips look far from professional. There is best result tips involving a hair dryer but ain't nobody got time for that! The kit includes 48 wraps to suit all nail sizes including your toes. Ew!

The price annoys me slightly as I don't think they are worth that much in any way shape or form. But noting annoys me more than the one hundred percent photoshopped picture on her website showing what the nail wraps should look like on. The picture doesn't even show the correct nail design, just a plain pink nail!

"Perfect nails, minimum fuss" it says on the packaging. Sorry, just being honest here but I found them fussy and far from perfect! Now I sound like a right grumpy sod! 

If you have tried these or a similar brand before please let me know in the comments below how you got on. 



  1. They look so awful I've never tried nail wraps thanks for the review won't waste my money!


  2. I'm not a huge fan of nail wraps, like you I often find the end result is lacking. Such a shame these are so pricey too!

    1. I've told myself never to try them again!

  3. I love the website vs. real life picture. Makes me giggle at the ridiculousness of how "perfect" they are.


  4. Good god they are terrible, you wouldn't mind so much if they were only a euro or two but the price of them! Shocking. I wonder does Elle even know her face is on a pack of bad quality nail wraps, you'd wonder sometimes why they allow their name to be connected to something bad. The website pic is desperate - Barielle do that with their polish too and it drives me bonkers.

  5. That's a polish brand I've never tried!


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