28 April 2015

Nivea Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Range - Reduce The Appearance of Lines and Wrinkles

If you're currently using a day and night cream you are already making good tracks with preventing the early onset of wrinkles. Lets face it, nobody wants to look older than their age. I had never seen myself using anti-wrinkle products so early into my twenties but you know what, prevention is better than cure. I know I will get wrinkles, just like everybody else. It's all part and parcel of getting older but if there is a product out there which will help me delay the process then I will try it. 

Nivea have invested over fifteen years of research to bring you the new Q10 Plus range. The research was based around an ingredient called Coenzyme Q10 and increasing the levels of that ingredient in our skin. With regular use the formula supports our own natural Q10 to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while preventing new lines from forming. 

I've been using the entire range for the last three months and I'm happy to report that my skin is looking better than ever. I like that the day cream is SPF 15 which will also help protect my skin from sun induced wrinkle formation. It also made a great base for my make-up application. The night cream is also great as it works while you sleep! 
Other products from the anti-wrinkle range include Serum pearls and an Eye cream. I applied both products in the morning after cleansing and then applied my day cream last. I did not find any of these products to be too heavy and found that they sat nicely on my skin leaving it feeling refreshed and nourished. Apart from the Serum pearls looking like scrambled eggs when dispensed from the bottle I had no complaints about it. It contains hyaluronic acid which acts like a filler, smoothing out the appearance of lines. Another great base for under your make-up. I found the Eye Cream great for reducing the appearance of dark circles and left my eyes looking brighter.

50ml Nivea Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Day Cream SPF 15 - €11.80
50ml Nivea Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Night Cream - €12.59
15ml Nivea Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Eye Cream - €11.79
40ml Nivea Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Serum Pearls - €14.99 

Throughout my pregnancy family and friends have been telling me that I look great and that I have a great "glow". I don't know were that whole pregnancy glow came from but I'm putting it down to the Nivea Anti-Wrinkle range girls! I think the range is great value for money as both the Serum and eye cream lasted me three months and I still have a quarter of the day and night cream left which is pretty good going for daily use. 



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