18 June 2011

Deep Cleansing Nose Strips by Purederm

I inherited my nose from my mothers side of the family!  My three brothers and my cousins have inherited it also! I suffer from clogged pores and blackheads. Pain in the FACE! Iv'e been pretty lucky that I don't suffer from spots on my nose like the men in my family but clogged pores and blackheads can be just as bad. I feel when I apply my foundation it highlights it even more so. Maybe I need a better base/primer but i would rather eliminate the problem than cover it up.

No matter how much I exfoliate the condition never changes so I recently decided to try out nose pore strips.I remember years ago when we all still lived at home and nose pore strips first came out or became popular in Ireland my mam brought home a box to try. We all waited patiently for her to take the nose strip off to see the results, we sound like a right weird family but there wasn't a lot to do in the country apart from climbing hay bails! My mam seemed impressed with the results on the strip as we all looked at it in disgust! I must have been around 12 I think!

I went on the hunt for some about two months ago in the Dublin, Boots was my first port of call. I was kinda of broke so I wanted to get them for as cheep as possible. The ranged from €6.99 all the way up to €12.99 in Boots but I felt I could do better! I found these Deep cleansing nose pore strips by Purederm in a Mark Ellis Pharmacy for €3.99 and I thought can't get much better than that!

The Process is so simple

  1. Make sure your face is thoroughly clean. 
  2. Wet nose and apply the nose strip with the outward curve covering the tip of your nose.
  3. Leave on for 10-15 or until the strip is completely dry.
  4. Peel off and I like to go over my nose with a face cloth and a bit of warm water to clean off excess product that’s been left behind by the strip.

The Results

I've been using these strips for over a month now. This is my 3rd box, you get 6 strips in each box. I use them once a week or twice a week if i feel like my pores are really clogged from wearing a lot of makeup that week. They do recommend leaving three days between each use. My nose feels instantly softer, the nose strip afterwards really shows how it cleans clogged pores very well. I have also noticed less black heads.

If you are not too squeamish you can click on these images to see what the nose pore strips remove each use!


  1. I'm getting these asap! Though I've never seen a Mark Ellis Pharmacy, might just go for boots :)

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  3. Hello :) Great blog!
    I used to get them when I was younger but haven't used them recently. I think I need to pick some up again. Thanks

  4. Think im going to pick some of these up. :) what nail polish do u have on. I love it xx :)


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