26 June 2011


Today myself and my boyfriend went up the Dublin mountains today to make a video...(not that kind of video you filthy minded so and so!!) A dear friend of mine has asked me to do a review on her handmade fused glass jewellery. Iv'e been so excited about making this video for my YouTube channel for so many reasons! 

  1. She is one of my best friends and im so honored she asked me.
  2. My family don't know about my YouTube channel and I thought this would be a nice time to tell them
  3. She has given me some pieces to give away to my subscribers.
So we went up today in the middle of the heat wave, it was great! I wore a Maxi dress that has been hiding in my wardrobe since last July and! We drove up and found a good spot that wasn't too busy, there was a lot of people out cycling and walking their dogs and just your usual Sunday drivers! I found a perfect little rock that even had a gruve for my bum!!
We did the intro, spoke about my friends website and showed all the pieces Fiona has kindly given for the giveaway! Unfortunately I cannot use any of the footage we got because the camera picked up a lot of wind (teehee) and it drowned out my voice. I thought maybe it isn't all bad, I could still use the footage and do a voice over but OH NO! My boyfriend, the camera man thought that my breasts and bum were the main focus of the video not my friends fabulous pieces!

Alas I will have to go out another day, i'm thinking Marley park or Powerscourt gardens if we get this fabulous weather again. 

Here is a sneak peak of some of Fiona's amazing pieces of handmade jewellery. If you would like to see more check out her Facebook & Etsy pages. 


  1. Beautiful pieces & pesky boyfriends :)

  2. Oh my god, they're gorgeous! And you look amazing btw! I've sworn off maxi dresses since my last incident :L

  3. Lol poor Sarah! You look amazing!
    Id never trust my boyfriend with a camera haha
    Who knows what he'd film xD!

  4. Sarah, you look stunning in that photo! So lovely. The jewellery is beautiful too and once I'm on the laptop later I will be checking her etsy shop out!


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