28 July 2011

A slight obsession!!!

My very first obsession

I was twelve when started secondary school and had no interest in make-up or boys (well apart from some movie stars but that's different!). I have always been interested in arts and crafts but it was never an obsession for me. For our first history lesson we opened our books and the first illustration was the pyramids of Giza, I thought how magical. That history lesson was probably the only class I had paid complete and full attention to the teacher during my six years at Mercy!! 

And that is where my obsession had begun! Since then I have be collected little bits and bobs from ebay, charity shops, car boot sales and markets. 

I got this framed papyrus for £3 in a charity shop in Birmingham, UK

A collection of books from charity shops, the Tutankhamen deception is really good read for any Egyptology fan.

The large gold Ankh was a gift and the smaller one I bought on ebay.

A bithday gift from a wonderful friend. Necklace around her neck was found in a charity shop. Too heavy to wear!

My make-up mirror given to me by my boyfriend. We were on holiday and he seen it... "its only €50 he shouted from the other side of the store, I have to get it for you" 

For years I wanted to get an Egyptian tattoo and spent a good long time thinking about it and what I wanted. I bought this papyrus on eBay and starred at it everyday for about three years and decided that's what I wanted. I drew it out and made a few changes and brought it to a tattoo artist in Birmingham, her name was Laura and she did a fab job.

My Third tattoo, Ma'at the Egyptian goddess for truth, order, balance and justice. I also have a tattoo on my ankle of the Egyptian symbol Ankh also known as  key of life.

I have seen some home decorating programmes where people have gone to new levels of obsessed and decorated their whole house in an Egyptian theme. I don't think ill be going that far!!

Its been a while since Iv'e searched ebay and been to a charity shop. The ones in Ireland are crap if Im being honest. I lived in a town called Harborne in Birmingham and the high street had 12 charity shops! Every Sunday I would walk up the street, visit every single one and then go for a pint! I now have a growing obsession with make-up and boys...one in particular!! 


  1. that Ank necklace is stunning and your tattoo is badass!!

  2. your tattoo really is fabulous

  3. Your tattoo is Stunning!! Great post.

    Very intrigued to hear about your 'one boy' too ;)

  4. That tattoo is something else... amazing. I would never expect you to have such a huge tattoo for some reason!! A Uni friend of mine also loved the Egyptians and had an Ankh tattooed on her foot/ankle area x

  5. wow that blue Ankh necklace is gorgeous!~ what a great find on ebay (:

  6. That tattoo is incredible, you have a wonderful interest!

  7. Great collection and the necklace is unique.:D

    ***** Marie ******

  8. I love egypt too :) and your tatoo is amazing :)!

  9. The Ankh necklace is gorgeous! Key pieces like your mirror are enough of a theme I'd say, its beautiful & I love the colours. xx


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