04 August 2011

Jemma Kidd Set + A Surprise!

Bargain of the week! 

From top to bottom: Lip line duo in neutral & tailored colour neutral/pink. Powder Colour burst in platinum. Crushed jewel gel liner in Lapis.

Pro: €4 you cant beat that! Con: I hate the packaging(they look funky but an awful waste, think of the poor trees!), the products are a pain to get out of the box and they come with these leaflets/instructions on how to apply. Some may find this helpful but i'm a wing it kinda gal. 

When I picked up the set in TK MAXX I noticed a little rip in the corner of the plastic covering, I checked the other sets on the shelf and seen they all had three products in them so nothing was missing, it was just a rip. I just opened the pink bag that he set came with to take pictures for my blog and found this inside!! Clarins Wonder length Mascara. What's a girl to do? Well i'm just going to be honest, i'm going to keep it! I double checked online and it really wasn't suppose to be in there and I wont be in town for a while so, thank you TK MAXX. An early birthday present! 

I'll probably feel guilty soon no doubt! Iv'e never tried Jemma Kidd make-up before, going to the cinema to see the guard tonight so im going to try all the products out today.


  1. Well, all of this for €4 is certainly a good deal! The set was sealed, and even though there was a little rip on the corner there was no way for you to know what was inside! Hope it's a good mascara!

  2. Its strange, I think someone must have tried to get it inside to steal it and then backed out! I would have been mortified at the till if the cashier looked inside and seen that haha

  3. wow! i hope im your country too! :P

  4. Wow! thats great for 4 Euros! hope the mascara is good!

  5. I can't believe you got all of that for four euros! That's insane! I hope you enjoy your free mascara! It's not like you can take it back now, anyway so have fun with it :)

  6. oooo can ou review the mascara i like thin brushes like that!

  7. wow!! €4! I hope you enjoy your mascara! :)

  8. Wow, great deal!:D Enjoy your new goodies!;D

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