09 October 2011

Gorgeous to Go book launch - My experience

I still have butterflies from my trip into Brown Thomas yesterday for the book launch of Aisling McDermott's new Beaut.ie guide to smart shopping, Gorgeous to Go. I spent the previous night on twitter advertising my concern at having nothing to wear for the event to @ItsCherrySue and @LeanneWoodfull. I believe it was near 1am when I decided what I was going to wear and turned on the iron!

I was going to the event with my brothers girlfriend Christine, it was her birthday the week before and I thought it would be a good chance to treat her. I don't have any photos of our outfits but I would like to share our nails of the day with you.

I was wearing Rimmel London Sky High with Essence Space Queen on top.

Christine has been the Konad queen lately, she is wearing Catrice 650 gold finger, Essence Make it go and konad special nail polish white.

We decided to go early out of pure excitement! Neither of us have ever been to an event like this and the thought of meeting other bloggers was making me a bit nervous, plus the sudden heat wave resulted in me being in a tizzy by the time we got there!  I say there was only 20 people in the que when we arrived, delighted with ourselves! Bought our books and caught up on recent gossip. As we neared closer to getting out books signed by Aisling, Kirstie asked if we would like our photo taken.

Me and Christine (Look at the big smiley heads on us!)

The girls are so friendly I really enjoyed saying a quick hello to Aisling. I think I have converted Christine, she said she'll check out their blog when she got home! She is one of the few people who know about my blogging/vlogging antics!

Afterwards we took a little stroll around BT, making a mental note of all the things we wanted when we won the lotto! We took to the highstreet to find some bargains with no such luck. It just dawned on me while walking around its been over a month since I have had a drink and suggested heading for a nice cold pint of bulmers. Low and behold we ended up sitting in the same bar the after party was being held in. By the time people started arriving it was time for us to head off so I didn't get a chance to meet any of the bloggers (not that I would have had the courage to say hello anyway!) 

Here is what I got in my Goodie bag.

I really enjoyed the day, getting dressed up and taking to the streets on a mission to shop till we dropped! 

The book is amazing by the way! Such a clever idea and so handy, it will be housed in my handbag when I leave the house. There is also a handy little section at the back for you to write notes or MUST BUY lists. I feel funny about writing in it, its so new and shiney so I have stuck a sticky note in there if I need to write anything in.

Did you go to the launch? If not you must get this book, Its in shops from the 14th of October.


  1. Sounds like you had a ball hun! Myself and Rach legged it in from Pet Expo and the queue was halfway to the door when we got in it. Shortly after it was out the door. We were dressed for subzero temps, the heat got to me big time and I came over all claustrophobic. Had to leave, I'm still devastated! *sniff sniff* I was planning on finding you and giving you a big hug! Hopefully there'll be another event soon so we can say hi x

  2. Awe glad ye had a good day. I was the same yesterday in the Inglot queue I was like OMG I will die if there are other bloggers here haha I would probably keel over with shyness haha

  3. look so nice!

    i followed you hope u follow me back too :)



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