22 October 2011

Best Dressed - Colour Day - Ed Hardy palette.

On Friday we had a theme day at work. And that was colour day! I went a bit mad! I wore purple skinny jeans (I feel weird saying that when they were a size 18!) A yellow long long sleeved top and a short sleeved green, orange and purple top over that. All from Penneys. The lady in the fitting room actually muttered outloud "oh my god" when she was counting how many items I had. I think I blinded her!

On my face I did my eyebrows pink and purple. One eyelid pink and blue and the other gold and purple and on my lips I wore a bright coral lipstick. I love this wig, it cost me €10 but I will use it again over hallowe'en no doubt!

For my efforts 16 women out of 20 at work voted me best dressed and I won this lovely Ed Hardy colour make-up box. It comes with eye shadows, lip colours, bronzer, solid perfume and brushes, AND LIGHTS!

Looking forward to trying these out. I didn't even know Ed Hardy did make-up. I once bought a dress in New York in Macy's by Ed Hardy but I never ended up wearing out and sold it on ebay!!

I asked the kids in work who I looked like, my favourite response was "a bouncy castle"


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