18 July 2012

#DublinBloggerMeet Update

Hi Girls,

I hope everyone is have a nice week, I'm counting down the days till the weekend, the following weekend and the days to the following weekend after that! I love having plans for the weekend, something to look forward too and the next few weekends are going to be exciting.

The #DublinBloggerMeet is still going ahead on the 28th of July. I am still waiting on numbers to book a place where we can sit down and have some tasty treats and get our chat on! The last meet up I attended we went to a restaurant and had a three course meal, it was amazing and I really enjoyed it but I didn't get to chat to the women on the other side of the table all that much so I think it would be nice to go somewhere like a coffee house. That way we can push our tables together and take over the joint. Iv'e had some great suggestions but can't book anything until I have numbers confirmed.

Lovely Bloggers/Youtubers who have confirmed so far:

Paula: http://randomramblingsandmusings.wordpress.com/
Emma: http://themakeupbuff.blogspot.ie/
Rosie: http://rosesandrockets.blogspot.ie/
Dee: http://dee-lightfulthoughts.blogspot.ie/
Charlene: http://www.youtube.com/user/SmokeyEyeSurprise?feature=watch
Donna: http://notjustontheinside.blogspot.ie/
Alycia:  http://www.youtube.com/user/Makemeblush416/videos
Alice: http://www.youtube.com/user/PinkGlitter10
Joanne: http://www.jimmilou.com/
Eimear: http://www.youtube.com/user/xDEimearByrne
Cheryl: http://secondlastsong.blogspot.ie/
Ellie: http://miss-eblog.blogspot.ie/
Sarah: http://alittlebitof-love.blogspot.ie/
Robyn: http://robynrantsandraves.com/
Marian: http://www.highlifeofmars.blogspot.ie/
Hannah: http://abullettothehead.blogspot.ie/
Claire: http://clurr92.blogspot.ie/

Others have said they might be able to go but I can't include you in the numbers until you confirm. If you are interested in joining us please comment below and email me your details adoreabubbles@hotmail.com before the 23rd. That's when I'll be making the booking.

You can find all details about the meet HERE

I look forward to seeing everyone there, can't wait to meet you all.



  1. Sorry I am missing it but I have work ;( unless somebody would like to work for me .. Anyone ??

  2. Really looking forward to this, Sarah, and I love the coffee house idea 'cos as you said pushing tables together will make chatting to everyone a little easier.

  3. would really love to go sarah! but i cant !!! i wanna hugg you :) hahaha </3 weeeeh! maybe next timee! xxx

  4. Amaaazing day planned there Sarah. Can't wait now. Xo


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