31 July 2012

Beauty/Fashion enthusiasts will love Parcel Motel

I received an email from my boyfriend Shane yesterday with the Subject 'Parcel Motel'. I was intrigued even though he is known to send me numerous links throughout the day, sharing is caring! In this case he found a gem. I have yet to use this service but I wanted to share it with you.

I know how annoying it can be when you found a website with unbeatable prices and amazing things you feel your life would be incomplete without. Then only to get to the checkout and discover they DO NOT deliver to Ireland.

How it works

Parcel Motel is a whole new way to manage your online shopping deliveries.  Each Parcel Motel contains 80 secure lockers of varying sizes. They are all located in convenient places in Ireland such as petrol station forecourts with 24-hour access 7 days a week. To find out where your nearest one is click here.
No more waiting around or missed delivery notices telling you to pick up your parcel during the exact same hours that you’re at work. And no more worrying about memos from your boss on the subject of receiving personal deliveries at work!
Now you can have your parcels sent directly to your nearest Parcel Motel ready for collection, at a time that suits you, and for only €3.50 per stay.
Basically when you sign up you are given an address, this is the address you give the websites you are buying from. Parcel Motel receives your package and then sends it to the nearest Parcel Motel locker to you. Another great thing about this service is most UK websites offer Free deliver which you are still eligible for because you are giving them an English address. This means all you have to pay for is the Service which costs as little as €3.50.
I am not being paid to write this article, I just think its an amazing concept that I never knew existed. I am more excited to find out that there is a Parcel Motel locker near me. I recently looked into getting a P.O box and it turns out they aren't cheap...pretty expensive actually. This would be a perfect alternative for me.


  1. I was completely unaware this existed, must look into this, sounds so handy! Thanks for the post!x

  2. oh my god this is so handy its such a pity it is only around dublin though

  3. i didnt have a clue this exsisted!lets hope they spread around ireland :D xo


  4. Very good idea! But I don't live in Dublin :P

  5. omg thank you so much I really needed this right now as i'm ordering aload of make up.


  6. Really handy to know, there's one for an American address too can't remember the name right now. it is certainly making things a lot easier for makeup lovers

  7. this sounds great!!! following you now! if you get a sec, i'd love to know what you think of my latest post!


  8. I read your post and then noticed one nearby, such a great idea!

  9. i love this! so cute!
    love your blog! You have such great taste!
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    would be an honour!
    thanks so much, have a great week

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  11. This is such a good idea, now only if I could avail of it!

  12. That article on parcels to Ireland really impressed me. It was well organized and put in a captivating manner. Kudos for the post on parcels to Ireland. It was a one of a kind post.


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