18 August 2012

Bargain Buy - Teeth Whitening.

I did a review last year on the iWhite O2 Professional teeth whitening kit.

You can watch it here if you haven't seen it.

It retails at €29.99 but I have a link HERE to a website that is currently selling it for just €20. Bargain or what!!.

I love this product, I have used it twice and was very happy with the results.

Check out the Before and After photos HERE

If you are a heavy coffee/tea drink, smoker or have just eaten too many sweets I would really recommend this product. It takes some getting use to (having to use the sexy mouth tray) but the results make it all worth while.

Hope you find this useful, feel free to link it to friends and family... I'm sure they won't find it insulting AT ALL!



  1. I still can not trust these home whitening kits! They make it seem easier than it really is! They are usually uncomfortable, do not stay on correctly, and make my teeth hurt worse than my cavities! I prefer to make an appointment with my dentist in San Antonio TX, and have him clean my teeth professionally and with more specific care then one of these kits! Thanks for the recommend though!

  2. There are many products those have good quality but many other products which don't have quality and only on marketing basis they sells their product - Teeth whitening products

  3. It has been some time since I visited website with such high quality information. Thank you so much for providing such helpful information. This is really informative and I will for sure refer my friends the same. Thanks.


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