19 August 2012

xbextacyx Inspired Nails

I did this nail look a while ago but never got a chance to blog about it.

It's inspired by one of my favourite youtubers Becky. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Becky in February this year for IMATS London. Becky was one of the main people who influenced, supported and encouraged me to keep making youtube videos. She had a make-up competition where you had to create looks inspired by the elements and I did water and earth. I had so much fun making those videos and made so many new friends from competing. 

Anyway, she's AWESOME. Check her out. 

The nail look is inspired by this make-up look Becky did. 

Firstly I covered my nails in a white polish because I used yellow and I wanted it to pop.

On the left side of each nail I made a wavey line and then coloured in the left side with yellow.

On the other side I used a turquoise nail polish.

I then covered over the wavy line using a black nail art pen and made three flicks at the end to look like eye-lashes. With all nail looks I sealed with a clear coat.

And that's how I created my xbextacyx inspired nails.

If you have any requests leave them in the comments below. Also check out the Sprinkleofglitter inspired nails I did HERE


1 comment:

  1. wow, those nails look unreal ! have to try it myself :)


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