19 September 2012

Artdeco V's Lipcote - Lipstick Sealers

I'm sure like myself and thousands of other women you are obsessed with achieving the perfect look when applying your make-up and with making it last as long as possible once you have. We use Primers, setting powders and setting sprays. Today I'm here to review lipstick sealer's. 

I have to be honest, up until just under a year ago I never knew such a product existed. I found myself in boots on more than one occasion looking at Lipcote pondering over whether or not I should buy it. It took me quite a while to take the plunge. I remember when I first heard about using eye primers I thought it was just another money making product that wasn't necessary. How wrong was I?! Now I use it every time I apply my eye-shadow. While I was in Portugal I came across ARTDECO Magic Fix for €4.12 which was reduced from €16.50, a 75% reduction. I had to make it mine!

I used this for the first time on my birthday. I wanted to wear my red Ruby Woo lipstick by M.A.C but didn't want to worry about fading or lipstick on my teeth throughout the night. I applied the product to my lips and it dried within seconds. When it fully dried I applied another coat just for good measure. The tingling sensation which is expected because the product contains alcohol was not uncomfortable at all...because I'm a raging alcoholic obviously...duh!! 
I was shocked throughout the night, not a single lipstick stain on any of my glasses. I was mingling like a mad thing and kept misplacing my drink, I must have had five on the go. Not a single lipstick mark on any of them! And also not a single lipstick mark on any of my guest's cheeks! Mwah mwah!
The product lost its magic powers when I tucked into a hearty beef burger at the end of the night and my lipstick transferred onto the bun a bit! 

Not too long after I purchased Magic Fix I received Lipcote in my GlossyBox. 
I wore this on a night out where there was going to be no food. Just drink....awwwww yeah! 
I was wearing Bloody Red by Catrice which is a very deep red. I felt Lipcote to be a bit runny when I applied it so the first time I used it I used a bit too much and it affected the colour of my lipstick.
The alcohol in this product was very overpowering, the smell was toxic for me. Never the less Lipcote did prolong the wear of my lipstick.

I really wanted to fall in love with Lipcote, especially because it's an award winning product that has been around for over fifty years but because of the smell and consistency I personally would not repurchase it. Usually I'm not afraid to sacrifice quality for value but in this case I would not. Magic Fix by Artdeco is the all round winner for me even at €16.50 for 5ml of product. That's how much I love it.

Have you tried Lipstick sealer's before? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. this is a must read article xx to the shops!!

  2. I've been wanting to try Lipcote for a while...I havent seen the Artdeco one..def worth a try!

  3. Never tried any but they sound brilliant, especially for nights out!

  4. Hello .. I wonder if I was the winner?

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    Thank you

  5. wow, i read a review and she had a bit of bad reaction to the product but I really want to try this, I might actually wear more lipstick!

  6. I totally could have done with this yesterday for the races, I went with a bold red lip, it lasted okay though. I heard that about the smell of Lipcote, eew!

  7. I tried lipcote years ago and found it would go flaky after a while, oh God and its like putting nail varnish on your lips, so toxic! Lipdeco sounds interesting though, I maybe less afraid of a red lip!

  8. I used Lipcote back in day - god hated it, awful stuff - it used to make my lips crack and the lipstick ball up and go clumpy - hopefully they've improved it since then. It put me off lip sealers for life but I'm loving the sound of the ARTDECO one - must see if I can get my hands on one! :D

    Belle Morte Beauty

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