20 November 2012

Buy Irish Day 8: Precious Prints

Precious Prints is a unique company based in Terenure, Co Dublin. They specialise in personalised pieces of jewellery which capture your child's footprint, handprint or fingerprint. All their jewellery is hand crafted using pure silver. Precious Prints also works exclusively with Dublin Crystal to make the most beautiful Christmas decorations. 

How to Order your Christmas Decoration:
Ordering could not be easier. There are three options to choose from, round, star and angel. Once you have selected which decoration you would like all you have to do is enter the child's name and a date if you would like a date to be placed onto the crystal. Add the item to your cart and complete payment.

Within a few days you will be sent an inkless kit in the post. It comes with all the instructions you will need to create your prints.

After you have created your prints you just pop them into the envelope which is also provided and send it back to Precious Prints in Dublin. While there your print will be cleaned up if there are any smudges, fifth fingers or extra thumbs! You know how wriggly little children can be! Thankfully my little friend Rian was very good while taking his prints with his mummy. The process took less than two minutes and he didn't mind me wiping the applicator over his hands before pressing them down onto the paper. 

After that your prints are sent off to the engraver. voilĂ ! your precious gift will be sent to you in the post in a lovely gift bag and box. Precious Prints will stop taking orders for Christmas on Friday November 23rd so that they can ensure delivery before Christmas. All prints must be returned by Decemeber 6th. 

For more information be sure to check out their website . They also have a Facebook where you can stay up to date on all new products and offers.

Christmas decoration, Star with name, date and print €28.95

Phone: 087 0562925 - Web: www.PreciousPrints.ie - Email: info@PreciousPrints.ie

Let me know how you are getting on with your Christmas shopping below. I would love to hear if you are an organised snowflake or a laid back, last minute Christmas cracker!!! 


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  1. Love this!!! Will be passing on to friends and family fast...a super idea from a fab irish company!! Great review too!!!


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