22 October 2013

Bumble Bliss - Natural Irish Skincare

I love natural and I love Irish, put the two together and you get a wonderful brand called Bumble Bliss. Síle McDonald the owner of Bumble Bliss is inspired by nature around her and by putting her studies of natural science to good use she has created some zingy, smelltastic natural products for us all to enjoy. She is based in Co Kilkenny and hand makes all her wonderful products at home on her farm sourcing ingredients locally. Love that!

You can check out her product range for yourself by visiting her website http://www.bumblebliss.ie/.

Some of my personal favourites are the Lavender and rose petal bath bomb (€3.50), Tea tree and eucalyptus soap (€4.50) and the Germanium hand balm for gardeners (€7.50).

The lavender essential oil in the bath bomb really sooths my worries away. The Tea tree and eucalypus soap leaves my hands feeling clean, fresh and moisturised. And even though I don’t have green fingers and haven’t done any garden work in a while the Germanium hand balm is perfect for me because the combination of beeswax and sweet almond oil really is a treat for my dry hands.

Sile also explains on her website why we should go natural and updates her blog on products she makes for her family and of course for her customers.

Bumble Bliss....Yes please! 


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  1. oohhh Always looking for nice Irish products to try!

  2. Very cute, love Irish products!



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