17 October 2013

Halloween Special effects make-up and Spooky treats by Adoreabubbles

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming! Oh wait a second! I mean Halloween! Halloween is only around the corner and I thought I would share some of my freaky special effects tutorials with you and also some tasty spooky treats you can make with or for family and friends.

Sewn shut mouth tutorial can be watched HERE <-----

Missing eye tutorial can be watched HERE <------

I also made some yummy, spooky halloween treats last year that I think you would love! 

A blog post on how to make these Witches severed fingers can be found on my blog HERE. You can also watch my youtube video and see what other tasty treats you can make for halloween HERE.

I'd love to do some more looks this year but I just won't have the time before halloween to make videos so you will have to do with last years madness for now. On a positive note I have bought myself a Canon 650D, a home studio lighting kit and plan to start making videos all the time again like I did a year ago. I'm very excited about it and hope I haven't lost everyone since I've been MIA!

Happy haunting,

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  1. Awesome pumpkin hope I can do it, going to attempt it anyway :) Your so creative wish I could do my nails & scary makeup like you! xx

  2. Great job! What a great halloween make up you got there. Totally awesome, I'm hands down. :)
    I was actually blog hopping looking for scary halloween makeup ideas and you just gave me an idea. Kudos!

    ~ Christine

  3. The pumpkin looks fab and the halloween make up is so freaky. nice job.x

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