08 December 2013

Vintage Make-up and Handbags galore with Bernie's Bags this Christmas

Have you ever walk into a shop and thought WOW!, my friend would love this? Or OH MY GOD!, my mam would really love this piece. Well that happened to me recently when I went to the home of Bernies Bags. Bernies bags is a vintage shop owned by a lady in Co Meath. She sells vintage items through her Facebook page and also attends vintage and craft fairs regularly in the area. She also does repairs and hires out a number of her really special pieces.

She has some absolute gorgeous pieces and an unreal amount of vintage make-up I thought you might all be interested in. The fact that I got to see and hold theses pieces was a real delight for me. Just think about who owned them previously and the sights they might have seen.

 Irish Made sandalwood Leather Beverly Bag from the 1970's

Bernie has a small number of Beverly bags in her collection. Beverly was very populary in the 60's and 70's around the world for making handmade leather bags right here in Ireland. Fans at the time included Grace Kelly and Jackie O. If you are lucky enough you might be able to grab yourself one from Bernies Bags, the company went out of business in the 90's which is a real shame. The quality of their work is very hard to come by today.

I love this quirky clutch bag she also had in her collection when I went to visit, I've never seen an opening like that before. And the beading is gorgeous. Her pieces are in really great condition and deserve to be loved again!

Bernie's bags also has a wonderful collection of vintage make-up which includes compacts and lipsticks with the original make-up still contained. She also has vintage manicure sets which might appeal to collectors and any ladies who are interested in nails.

I really would recommend checking out Bernie's Bags out, you are sure to find a real gem for yourself or a friend this Christmas.

Check out her Facebook page for photos and you can contact her through her page also. She is currently show casing her pieces at the Christmas Craft fair in The Central Pub in Navan, Co Meath on Trimgate street. You can also contact her by email at handbagsforhire@hotmail.com.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Are you a fan of vintage? 



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  2. Beautiful pieces! My favourite is the clutch bag. :)

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  4. I love this purse. I just got it last week and this purse looks like it's worth over $200. It's a great bag and looks elegant and an amazing steal for the price!
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