25 December 2013

Winner Winner Turkey Dinner! - Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Happy Christmas everyone.

I've exchanged presents with my boyfriend (he did good!), the fry up is on and I have Santa's (Barrys) Tea in my favourite mug beside me. I'm looking forward to heading out to my parents house around lunch time today. Before I can continue to soak up every bit of Christmas cheer possible I must announce the winners to my latest Christmas giveaway's kindly sponsored by The Body Shop, Pixy and NIMA.

***Drum roll please***

1. The Body Shop Lightening touch radiance highlighter - Debbie Cleary-Sewell

2. The body Shop White Musk Smoky perfume set - Darlene Morris

3. Pixy Skincare - Edel Hennessy

4. NIMA make-up remover mitt - Karen Scammell

Congratulations to everybody who won. Don't be too disheartened if you don't see your name. I've taken on board what everybody told me they were hoping to get for Christmas and I have some fun New Years giveaway's coming soon!

Have a lovely day everybody. Thinking of you all and of how happy you have made me this year by supporting my blog.

Hugs & Kisses,



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