31 August 2014

Dream Dots For Spots - Over Night Spot Treatment

Dream Dots is a relatively new product to hit the Irish market and has been backed by Miss World 2003 winner Rosanna Davison and many popular Irish bloggers. I was offered the chance to try Dream Dots out for review myself and snapped up the chance as I do occasionally suffer from break outs around the time of important events or if I haven't been eating healthy my skin tends to suffer and break outs ensue!  

When I shared a picture of the product over on my instagram with the caption "You know you're a blogger when you're waiting for a spot so you can test out @DreamDotsHQ" I received a comment from Michelle who is one of my followers. She said "Ugh pass them over some of us don't need to wait". Her comment got me thinking about how products work on different people with different skin types. We all know some people suffer from spots far more than others so I sent her a packet of Dream dots to review and she graciously accepted the challenge of trying out Dream Dots with me so we could compare how we got on. 

Dream dots are overnight treatment patches for spots. Twenty four dots cost €14.95 and forty eight cost €24.95 over on their website. The patch contains a gel forming agent within an adhesive compound which when applied to your spot overnight creates a moist healing environment which enhances healing by reducing redness, pain and inflammation. 

How do they work?
After cleansing your face apply the patch making sure the area you want to apply it is dry. Simply remove the patch from the backing paper and attach the centre of the Dream Dot to the area of spotsville. Press down for a few seconds and then leave on overnight. 

My Experience
I found the instructions very easy to read and follow. Very straight forward, pop on patch and wait for spot to heal. I really liked how the patch became almost invisible when placed onto my skin. I know nobody apart from my partner is going to see me at night but he's seen me trial out many a strange product and I'm happy to report that he never even noticed the patches on my skin when I was wearing them. 

The next morning I went straight to the mirror to peel off the patch and reveal the results. As I peeled off the patch it also removed the white head of the spot which had not been there when I applied the patch. I went and cleaned my face and applied my usual morning skincare products and went about my day. Even though I had read the instructions and it did say use over 3-4 days I was somehow magically expecting the spot to be gone. Too good to be true, I know! I tried it again on the second night and the same thing happened again with the white-head being removed with the patch. I was beginning to get a little worried about scarring as I usually leave my spots alone. I never pop them for fear of scarring and also it's just disgusting! 

After the third night I noticed my spot had calmed down considerably and by the fifth day it had healed with no scarring. My spots can sometimes last over a week so I was happy to see them gone in a shorter amount of time but I was expecting much faster results with Dream Dots. I have to say I did experience less painful spots when using the patches. The didn't feel as sore during the day as they usually do. 

Michelle's Experience
Well I gave them a good use, went through the whole box! I wanted to be sure that I gave them a proper chance. During the first few nights I used Dream Dots I didn't have particularly bad spots. They are really easy to use and the packaging and instructions are very clear. I have to say they are good in the sense that they're not really obvious on your face, you'd barely notice them! Having them on was quite good as it stopped me scratching or touching my face, and spots, especially in my sleep.

The first few days I have to say I saw absolutely no change or benefit. I was consistent and put them in the same place every time. But for the sake if the review I kept using them just to see. So then a new couple of spots inevitably arrived and it did help to bring them out (sorry if that's a bit disgusting!) but that's as far as it went... Overnight they came to a head and then that just meant the next day you had a manky and much more obvious spot! So that was not good.

The one thing that has really put me off is the mark. They are only the size of one circle of bubble wrap but whatever is in the adhesive it leaves a mark on your skin for DAYS! I can't even cover it with makeup! It's like the mark you'd have after a plaster. Didn't bother me too much really but it was said to me so they must be obvious. I have fairly average skin, wouldn't get too many spots and it's definitely not sensitive, so I was quite surprised to be left with the little circle mark. All in all I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the results but the idea is a great one. Maybe if they had some tea tree or something else that heals spots in them it'd be more effective... But for now I think I'll stick with the sudocrem!

Overall thoughts
I seem to have had more luck with Dream Dots than Michelle even if seeing results took longer than I had hoped. I think this is a good product for people who suffer from spots occasionally and need an emergency fix to reduce redness before a big event. Michelle said she had a problem with the patch leaving behind a sticky mark from the adhesive where as I was left with no mark. Another example how products effect people differently. If you work it out with a box of twenty four patches then you're really only looking at treating around seven spots if you wear them over a number of nights so again useful for someone who only suffers from acne occasional but more expensive if you have more problematic skin like Michelle.

Dream Dots are worth trying out but do so with an open mind. Also remember that you must treat skin problems from within by drinking lots of water and eating the right foods.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, I would love to hear what you think about Dream Dots.



  1. I tried these and I loved them at first but then I got a huge motherf**cker spot (size of a malteasers) and it took 6 days to get rid of it and it left me with a huge red scar mark. So now I really don't know what to think of them. Great review, doing two peoples opinion. I agree if you have problematic skin, would be a lot of money.

    1. Those malteaser ones are the worst, so sore and you feel like hiding your head under ground! How is the red mark now?

  2. Definitely sound worth trying esp if you have an event coming up & a big nasty blemish on your face. I sometimes find that the ingredients in these sorts of products can actually make me break out though so might be a bit of a catch 22! i come undone

  3. I don't think I'd try them, to be honest. I only seem to get the same hormonal spots in the same place but they usually go away in 3 days if I leave them alone (except for last month which was a b*tch to get rid of) - I like the Vichy Hyaluspot (I think that's the name of it? The one in the white/green tube with the silver applicator), it's really good. As someone on beaut.ie pointed out the other day, Dream Dots don't have the ingredients listed on the pack so I'm not putting anything on my face if I don't know what's in there! Great review, love that you had two points of view.

  4. Waking up with a spot is a surefire way to ruin anyone’s day, so like the majority of women worldwide, I am always on the hunt for anything that will zap blemishes easily and more importantly – quickly. I’d seen a lot about Irish company Dream Dots from my fellow Irish beauty bloggers on Facebook and Twitter so I was jumped on the chance to review it for myself!
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  6. Dream dots is too expensive -_-

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