23 June 2011

D.I.Y LolliePop Lipstick Holder!!!

Okay, don't laugh! I know most girls wouldn't dream of having a storage box made out of lolliepop sticks anywhere near their make-up! But I'm not most girls and I work with children so it suits me down to the ground! I hate routing through draws and handbags looking for my lippy so this is handy for me while i'm at my desk studying away or making Montessori Material.

Did you laugh? comment below...

All my love
Sarah x

P.s I got this idea recently when I was in an Aussie pie place and they had their salt and napkins in lollipop stands like this but they were just plain lolliepop sticks not AWESOME colourful ones like mine! 


  1. Haha, you are TOO cute! I didn't laugh at all, if anyone does? Stuff 'em! xx

  2. I think this is a great idea!! And you could do them any colour to match your decor! :) x

  3. I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS! (caps to show how much i love it) xx

  4. I think it's so cute! Very artsy and crafty..
    and so colorful too! Really like it!

  5. I love this...might steal the idea for where I work!

  6. i didn't laugh, i actually think it's so cute! :D

    <3, Mimi

  7. Cute! I remember making those with my popsicle sticks before.

  8. How cute!
    Ive been looking for some makeup holders
    I didnt even think of making my own!

  9. that is super cute! I didn't laugh at all! I remember making something like this when I was small! It was so much fun (:

  10. OMG, flashbacks of summercamp agogo! Brilliant idea Sarah, well done! :)

    CherrySue x

  11. This is soo cute.gotta try it :)


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