23 June 2011

Face Blog! MUA & Collection 2000

Collection 2000 -Lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer  €6.40
MUA - Eyeshadow shade 9 pearl €1.05
MUA - Mascara shade 4 (brown) €1.05
I also used the Brown crease shadow from the Wet n Wild On Cloud Nine palette.

I'm actually really impressed with the Concealer from Collection 2000 I heard a Beauty Guru on YouTube raving about it and thought why not try it out! It covered up my dark circles and blemishes really well I  didnt need to apply foundation over it! I also had to buy the MUA shadow because it was only €1.05 and I love purple and I bought the brown Mascara to try out too! the brush isn't the best but for that price I cant complain and I really liked the brown mascara I think it complimented my eyes well. As much as I love big lashes, black can be very harsh on me sometimes.

Do you like my mirror? I use it to apply my make-up in the morning when i'm in a rush. I LOVE anything Egyptian themed :D 

All my Love 
Sarah <3


  1. Was someone in Superdrug?? i got that purple eyeshadow too nice to see what it looks like on, i haven't worn it yet but love it on you

  2. I LOVE your mirrorrrrrrrr! Where did you get that bad boy? x

  3. Your mirror matches your tattoo :D
    I really like that purple shadow
    I just love purple <3

  4. I have to try the Collection 2000 Lasting perfection ultimate wear concealer


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