27 June 2011

Say Thank You today with fanx.com

Hello my lovelies,

I want to tell you about a fun new website I have discovered and why I love it!. My mam has always told me “don’t forget to say please and thank you”. Back then it was more “please can I have some more sweets” than thank you! Now that I’m older and I’d like to think a tad bit wiser I always say thank you to nearly every person I come in contact with. It might be someone who has stepped out of the way as I’m entering a shop, a barman run off his feet or to the bus driver as I’m stepping off the bus.

I think it’s so important to say “Thank you” to everyone!  Sometimes we take family and friends for granted, we truly do appreciate everything they do for us and we would do the same for them in a heartbeat but sometimes we forget to say “thank you” or don’t realise that those two words could make their day!
I know when my brothers and I are visiting my parents at the weekends and eat the entire contents of their house that they don’t mind us doing that. I’m pretty sure they think we don't feed ourselves properly anyway! Some people might say “sure what else are parents for” but a simple thank you goes a long way! It might even ensure those double chocolate chip cookies make their way into my parents cupboard again!!!

I recently came across fanx.com through sprinklesofglitter YouTube channel. She is such a fun spirited person I know anything she is apart would inevitably result in smiles!!! As I watched Louise, baby glitter and Lee introducing fanx.com I thought I had to try it out. It’s so easy and straightforward. All you have to do after you register  is type in your name, email address and the fanx you message you want to send and then type in the name and email address of the person you want to send it to. I have used this a few times to send my Boyfriend messages while he was at work. Simple messages like “thanks for reminding me to defrost the chicken for dinner”!

The site is easy and free to use and the person you send your message too is not charged to read it. They simply receive an email with their personal message, smiles all round! You can even share your message on the main homepage if you like and people can rate your message! A message I sent to my mam thanking her for being the best mam got 36 votes, I hope that message encouraged others to thank their mams!

I would love to receive a fanx you message :) (hint hint!) adoreabubbles@hotmail.com 

Thank you all for reading my blog, I know I don't usually write that much haha! Have a wonderful day, and dont forget to tell someone you love "Thank You".

Sarah xXx


  1. HaHa, I LOVE this - would have saved the situation I just blogged about :)

    Really enjoy quirky sites like this, Thanks for the heads up.

    CherrySue x

  2. "Fanx" for the blog post on fanx.com. See what I did there? =D

  3. i agree with you, its always important to thank people :-)



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