11 June 2011

Poptastic Eye Palette by Collection 2000 - swatches

I seen this palette in Superdrug for around €6 and was completely sucked in by the bright colours! I wasn't expecting amazing results with it so i'm not too bummed out that most of the shadows are non existent unless i swirl my finger into them a fair few times! The green on the first and third row are the only two shadows that have any real lasting effect for me. The description on the back of the packaging says "nine bright eye shadows for a vivacious vixen look. last up to eight hours" I haven't tested it out for any longer than 5 minutes but considering they wiped clean off my arm and fingers with tissue paper I cant see them lasting any longer than one step out the front door into our lovely Irish weather!  


  1. i have this palette and i totally agree, the yellow is hopeless especially :(
    but i find the greeny turquoise colour on the first row a beauty, ive worn it this week in fact!

  2. Aww, it looked like a great palette. I like the case of it.


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  3. These are fun colors but sorry about the poor pigmentation!

    ***** Marie *****

  4. I was considering buying this at one point, but then I came across the Beauty UK bright palette which I think cost less and I'd heard good things about and I'm really impressed with that so I think I made the right choice!

  5. What a shame the colours don't live up to their expectation. I'd have been tempted to buy this, too. I love vibrant eyeshadow especially for festivals. xxx


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