11 July 2011

Recent Buys

On Saturday night I had two 30th Birthday parties to go to in town. For most of the week I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to just stay in and cosy it up! But around 5pm I thought I better go out. I needed to make a dash to Dunnes Stores to get a pair of nude tights because my legs are in no condition to be let out and I wasn't bothered didn't have time to apply fake tan.

While I was there I seen these lashes by QVS, they are called natural lashes style Q4. They cost €6.50. I was so surprised with the texture of them,obviuosly you would still know they werent the real deal but they had a nice soft texture to them. The glue wasn't half bad but I hate the little squeeze tubes they come in. I usually use my Revlon Lash adhesive but it appears to have run away on me! I had to cut them in half as they are really big which is great news because i like that I can adjust them to my needs.

I also picked up a bottle of Essence Holographic nail polish for €1.99

It was a last minute get ready situations so I was able to apply this nail varnish and run straight out the door. If I had used any other colour mistakes would have been mush more noticeable! 

Oh I bought two pairs of tights in Dunnes Stores, one for €7.00 and another for €4.00. They both ripped on me while trying to get them on! Feckin nails needed filing!  thankfully on the €4.00 the rip was high enough to hide and I used clear nail polish to stop it from laddering! Sometimes I wish I was a man, shower &shave and out the door for them! 


  1. Nude tights can be a pain like that! I never manage to get more than one wear out of them. Those lashes look really good :) xxx

  2. I love lashes but can never put them on, fail! x

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