22 September 2011

Coley's Shop is Deliciously Cute!

Lately I have been loving my hand made purchases. I thought etsy was the place to go until recently when I went for a little look around Coley's Shop . Coley is a girl I found on YouTube then later on began to tweet on Twitter . She is a lovely honest talented girl. I really enjoyed my experience buying her handmade jewellery. I emailed her a list of what I wanted to buy from her shop. On her shop page its very clear how many items she has left which I really liked. I purchased three items and reserved one as it was sold out. She got back to me very soon with an invoice and I was delighted to receive the items this week. 

Red Spotty Cupcake Earrings - £3.25

Orange Fruity Cupcake Earrings - £3.25

Peace Sign Necklace (18 inch chain) - £2.00

All the items came beautifully wrapped and I smiled with delight when the little hearts came falling out! A really nice touch. The prices of her pieces are unbelievably fantastic too! If I had gone into a highstreet shop for these they would have been asking up to £10 each i'm sure of it! 

I will be buying from Nicole again there is no doubt about it! Check her shop out here girls


  1. These are cute buys!:D Thanks for the links and enjoy your new goodies!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  2. Oh Squee! These are my type of jewellery love them. CLIIICKED on the link! You are such a bad influence, larf! xx


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